Double Arts – Chapter 16

Just as planned… sorta.

Brief Summary

When Elle called in and mentioned Heine, Sister Martha revealed what the younger Sister kept to herself, that she was just given her “final” assignment. Meaning, the treatment she’s about to give would be her last and she would die from it.

Twenty minutes ago, when Heine called in, she reaffirmed her wish to carry out her assignment. Much to the disappointment of her contact, Sister Chris (the one she’s talking to) also happens to be the one who brought Heine into the Order. However, at the end of their call, Heine thanked Chris for making her a Sister.

x x x

Back to Kiri and Elle’s side, the duo rushed to Heine’s location, intent on saving her. While running, Kiri wondered why Sisters were so intent on sacrificing their lives and dreams, a question that Elle could not answer.

Farren Denzel stopped them with a question about how many people he intends to keep in touch with, just to save them. While Elle was succumbing to the impracticality of their actions, Kiri just brushed him aside, saying that they have time to worry about that later unlike Heine whose death is irreversible.

x x x

Heine got to the house where her patient lies. Just before she applied the treatment, she told herself that the stage is all hers and that she has no regrets… but then the seizures struck.

x x x

Of course, that’s just the beginning symptoms of Troy, right before she starts disappearing.

x x x

With despair running through her mind, Heine remembers her days in the Order, right before she chose to give up painting. Despite her words earlier, she truly regrets not being able to carry out her artistic dreams.

x x x

Grasping for help, who else would save her other than Kiri himself?

x x x


I’m starting to like this Farren guy more and more, being that I can relate to his thoughts and reasoning. While there’s no doubt that Kiri rescued Heine, it brought up the good point about how they’re going to manage their ever-growing mass of hands touching Kiri. He probably wouldn’t mind since he’s 1) too dense and 2) all Sisters are female. Besides being impossible to keep in touch all the time, there’s the ever present danger of the Gazelle attacking and a bigger target is easier for assassins to strike at. But these points were covered by my post about the last chapter.

I’m still not satisfied by the direction that the series is taking, if it’s just going to be Kiri playing hero or something more. This chapter is serious so I’ll be forgiving about the lack of humor within it. The one stab at it had Kiri’s face looking weird. Either way, hopefully the following chapters would be better. And…

Where’s Sui?!


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  1. This chapter was awesome, I tells ya. AWESOME!

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