Kimi no Iru Machi – Chapter 5

That’s right! Stay away from Yuzuki’s evil clutches!! Stay faithful to your Nanami!!!

Brief Summary

Hearing of a new hot springs that opened up nearby, Yuzuki wanted to drag Haruto there. Tempting him with the mixed bath idea and Nanami, it only fueled his confusion as he stormed away, not liking how she’s still toying with his feelings… even if it was a joke.

x x x

Of course, true to her word, Yuzuki brought Nanami with her. While happy by the turn of events, he remains suspicious of her intentions, whether or not his new housemate is helping him with his one-sided affections. And… they proved somewhat true, Yuzuki wanting him just so she could ride back home (she still doesn’t know how to ride a bike.

x x x

At the hot springs, Yuzuki and Nanami did some female bonding, making Haruto nervous and jealous at the same time since the walls did little to hide their conversation. After enduring it, he went back to the room… and Nanami eventually joined him. Yuzuki decided to stay in the bath.

Some fun with talking against the fan :)

x x x

Haruto chose the moment to apologize for Yuzuki’s actions on the first day they’ve met. While saying it was nothing, they continued to talk until they realized that Yuzuki still haven’t left the bath.

Nanami decided to check on her… and found a startling discovery.

On the ride back home, Yuzuki confessed that she tried to stay in the bath as long as she could since Nanami and him could have more private time together. Though while saying that, she continued to tease him by hinting of her own feelings.

x x x


What’s a harem/romance without a hot spring’s chapter? Of course, there was some fanservice, mostly of Nanami (not shown since I’m selfish) but that follows the same path of “oooh, your body is so nice” routine, the conversation that Haruto overheard from the men’s side. What I enjoyed most from this chapter is how Haruto and Nanami started talking… by talking into the fan. Doesn’t this remind you of a familiar scene in Lucky Star?

Despite this chapter being better than the previous, I found the artwork here a bit lacking. Nanami’s shocked expression seems odd but I suppose it’s nothing new from the author who falters time to time (even in Suzuka). While finding interest increasing, I’m still holding out for a Haruto-Nanami pairing… just like Yamato-Suzuka one in Seo Kouji’s prior work.

Moar Suzuka Nanami!!!


2 Responses

  1. That fan talking is addictive! lol

    I really like the colored poster :)

  2. It comes from the OST cover for Suzuka… which is pretty good.

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