Code Breaker – Chapter 5

The chapter is anything but this.

Brief Summary

Before Oogami attacked, he was stopped and questioned which gang he was from. Simply stating his class designation, he was about to proceed when a wad of bills was flung into his face, a bribe to get him to switch sides. To highlight the potential profits in the drug business, they brought out one addict whose life they ruined, taking away his will, his soul, and most of all, his family.

x x x

With such a villain, it’s pretty obvious what’s going to happen. Sakura tried to stop him, saying that killing doesn’t do anything. However, she was taken into the sidelines as the drug dealers tried to assault Oogami. The fighting intensifies, starting from fists to guns to blades (odd progression). None of their weaponry worked on him.

x x x

x x x

And what’s an fight scene without some GAR speech?

x x x

Sakura shows up again, trying to stop him. However, he makes her reflect about her own actions and how she failed to save the homeless man and Puppy’s mother.

While arguing against him, she realized that Oogami was injured and that he was human just like her.

The police then barged into the scene, guns out and pointed at Oogami. Thinking that her classmate won’t attack the enforcers of the law, she persuaded him to surrender.

x x x

However, it was just a farce. While the second massacre began before her, she remembered his words about eliminating all witnesses.

His brilliant blue flames lit up again, this time against the police.


I had low expectations for this chapter since I just expected the usual slaughter via flames. Boy was I surprised. Anyways, back on track, Sakura’s uselessness is proven once again, despite how the first chapter highlighted her martial arts skills. Oogami shows his hard justice self, proving that no one is exempt.

The only thing I’m a bit worried about is the “powerful allies” that the one gangster mentioned before being burned. It would imply that the government was corrupted. Hence, his targets would expand outside of the usual street gangs. An excellent way to expand the plot. Much interest in the next chapter and how Sakura might react since she brought more people to harm.


2 Responses

  1. Sakura is totally useless!!! She’s held hostage, tries to persuade Ogami to surrender but end up witnessing all the murder. I wonder what she’ll do for the next chapter, will she get eliminated too? I guess not. XD

  2. She can’t be burnt so… I suppose not.

    But yea, for a character who has martial arts skill and follows a determined murderer around, you’ll figure that she would do more than play the useless character (like another Sakura from another series that has an orange ninja…)

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