Black Lagoon (Manga)

This is bound to inspire one and only one thing… laughter. Lots of it.

Brief Summary

None. I feel as though the series could speak for itself once you watch the anime (or in a rarer case, read its manga). This post is intended more for people already familiar with the plot.

Using the characters from Black Lagoon, the author made a spoof… about Balalaika raising the two crazy Romanian twins as her own… Hilarity ensues.

x x x

x x x

Think it’s over? Not yet…


-too busy laughing to give one-

Mr. Chang is her hubby… Ahahahaha…


4 Responses

  1. Oh Balalaika is hilarious, the twins too! I miss the cranky maid. XD

  2. So odd from their bad ass selves in the actual anime/manga.

    To add to their glory, Season 3 seems to be official.

  3. I love the twins. Can’t say that enough. It sucks that they were knocked off after only five chapters of manga (three episodes of anime). Yet they keep coming back in the omake. Hmmm….. Perhaps Rei Hiroe realized he killed off two of his bast characters? Just throwing that out there

    • Totally agree. The Vampire Twin arc has got to be my favorite, and I was so devastated when they died. I certainly saw it coming, but it still broke my heart, particularly when it was the little girl, and given their history and the horrors they went through. But beyond that, they are simply so fascinating and great psychotic character. Love them so, so much! <3

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