Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures – Stone Ocean

Despite how I enjoyed this utterly shounen show (even “more shounen” than Naruto, Bleach, etc.) due to its classic take, there’s a little problem that came up with this new installment of Stone Ocean.


Same old plot but with a female lead this time… But let’s not delve into the Jojo-verse which is rich with the Joestar family line getting superpowers (wave power and “Stands”) and using them to fight evil… in a Fist of the North Star style. It’s been going on since the manga’s release in 1987, garnering many fans from the gals at CLAMP to several popular Shounen Jump authors to Hiro Nakamura from the American show Heroes. However, what bothers me may lead to its end of distribution in several countries, including the U.S.

From one of the few American bands that I like, even so far to put it as my main ringtone… this image is saddening.

Another American band that I enjoy…


While this isn’t the first time that the author used bands as Stand names, U.S. legislation is sure to scare away distributors if they decide to sue Viz Media (current license holder) for using their names. Depressing for North American fans but nothing can be done unless the regulations change.


2 Responses

  1. Oh wow, the aliens look terribly gorgeous

  2. Actually, those are stands… more like souls that morphed to have their own body and have special superpowers…

    Blissmo, would your stand be a suicidal bunny rabbit? :)

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