Hoshi wa Utau

A romance… that I’ve grown to love…

Brief Summary

The female protagonist is Sakuya Shiina. She seems pretty normal at first but she lives alone with an older man, an university student named Kanade. There’s no relationship between them, other than that between a guardian and child. However, it was hinted that Kanade is a distant relative… but that’s based off of rumors within the story.

Sakuya loves the stars. They’re so influential that she founded and heads the “Hokan” or star-gazing club.

The series start out on Sakuya’s 18th birthday.

One of the people who gave her presents was Hijiri Honjo but nicknamed Sei. Beautiful and graceful, she also carries an intimidating aura that offsets her superficial qualities.

However, as a damper to the day, she overhears several people talking about Kanade.

x x x

There were also some words about her parents, revealing a tiny bit of her past.

Back at home, she’s surprised by a small party that Kanade set up. Even more surprising was a handsome stranger sitting beside Kanade.

x x x

Cute reaction…

There was some banter between the two guys, making fun of Sakuya by talking about things she don’t know about.

Another cute reaction!

Thinking that the stranger (named Chihiro Aoi) is Kanade’s friend, Sakuya got more comfortable being around him. He even gave her a present, a pink dress.

After receiving the gift, the three ate and had a little talk… about Kanade being an “S”.

With the party finished, Sakuya walked with Chihiro for a little bit. A sign of her developing affections, she wished that they would meet again.

However, the next day, to Kanade and Sakuya’s shock, Chihiro was a true stranger who walked right into her birthday party.

x x x

As you might have guessed, Chihiro becomes Sakuya’s love interest. Despite their good terms during her birthday, the second meeting between the two did not go so well.

x x x

And yet, even with such cruel words…


Sorry for the scanlation team’s markup for the last few pages. I was going to remove them… but then I figured that I should respect their work despite how it really distracts from the actual manga.

One of the reasons why I was drawn into this was… not because the author also did Fruits Basket… but from a minor detail that would now seem pointless. Chihiro seemed to be a mirror image of Hei from Darker than Black, a character that I idolized as one of the best in shounen works. However, only the physical appearances are the same. Character and personality are completely different.

Sakuya getting flustered generates MOE and overloads my senses. Cute but in a simple way.

And she is very cute.

Overall, a very cute and clean romance to read about. Pretty rare considering how most other series can’t avoid the fanservice and ecchi shots. Adorable yet with enough mystery about Chihiro to set it above more generic plots.


2 Responses

  1. Yup, it is rare to have no fanservice. Interesting manga that is :)

  2. Ah yes, a clean manga. I’ve been reading an overdose of smut series while searching for a purely romantic one. -_-“

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