Kimi no Iru Machi – Chapter 4


A single echoing cry of despair occupies my inner thoughts once I finished this chapter.

Brief Summary

In the morning, Yuzuki walks into the kitchen wearing very informal summer wear, surprising Haruto. He was making their lunch boxes at the time. Amazed by his culinary skills, the two starts talking about the difference between the city and countryside.

On their way to school, Haruto is still giving Yuzuki a ride. He tried explaining to her about the misunderstandings that would be raised if their classmates see them together too often. However, his words had little effect.

During lunch, Haruto lamented about how he couldn’t get close to Nanami, unlike Yuzuki who was easily invited. However, his luck turned around as Yuzuki invited him over.

Despite hesitating at first, all of his doubts vanished once Nanami motioned him over.

With their larger group, including Takeshi and Akari, they talked about food at first, poking fun at Haruto for making Yuzuki’s “bento of love”.

Their talk moved onto clubs and the ones that they’re expecting to join. Haruto remembers how Nanami was in the cooking club during junior high. Seeing a chance, he seized it…

Unfortunately, fate intervenes…

Depressed, he stays in the classroom even though they’re supposed to be at their clubs. Yuzuki caught him there and tried cheering him up… with a shocking statement.

And so, the love triangle is set.


Ah no… I can see the ending and to my disappointment, it won’t be my beloved Nanami.

Even though more drama is being set up, the developments in this chapter wasn’t too surprising. In fact, I’m a bit let down since the author’s previous work Suzuka was more roller-coaster, pulling more ups-and-downs before settling at the very end. For Kimi no Iru Machi, it seems to follow the typical love triangle path, very straightforward. I can only hope that Seo Kouji will inject the series with something unique and original. If not, a grave disappointment indeed.

Overall, very nice with the artwork but the chapter, as mentioned before, wasn’t original. Hopefully, the next chapter will show more promise…


One Response

  1. I enjoyed reading Suzuka, hopefully I’ll like this too. I find the art & style rather attractive, I’m going to give this a try. Hehe ^_^

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