Hatsune Mix

When I saw this, two thoughts came to mind… Vocaloid and EPIC!

Brief Summary

As you might have guessed from the title, the series is a collection of stories that focuses on the Vocaloid characters… in particular Hatsune Miku, Rin and Len Kagamine. There’s no fixed plot in mind outside of them singing and learning about the world.

Who would DARE abandon her? :(

No comment…

To be honest, I really like the “normal” Miku compared to her usual twin-tail idol version. Too cute for words…

-Overloaded with MOE-

And there’s the epic battle between Hachune and Hatsune Miku…

x x x

The ultimate weapon… Leek

Mine’s bigger :)


Of course, let’s not forget the Kagamine twins…

Rin and Len!


Nonsensical but in a good way… And, if you’re ever a fan of the Vocaloid characters, new or old, I would recommend this to you. Plenty of MOE, almost nil fanservice (maybe once for that “shoujo transformation” sequence Miku went through), and more love for these adorable characters.

If that isn’t enough of an incentive, try enduring this video of epic proportions.

I <3 Yowane Haku (top-left).


15 Responses

  1. Oh wow… They actually did manga on those characters… Well, that is good :) Vocaloid is a fun technology.

  2. Oh this. I came across the raws some time back. It was moe-ness defined. lol

    Miku is just cute.

  3. I’m torn between the collared Miku and the plain Miku… One inspires some guilty thoughts (but not TOO guilty!) while the other is overloaded with MOE.

    Miku Miku Miku… <3

  4. How should I say… I read 2 chapters and although I am a Miku fan, I was a little disappointed… because the story is weird… or is it just me? put aside the moe parts…

  5. Yea, the series is just random and patchy… rather than the continuous story-telling that more serious works have. However, I think Hatsune Mix was intended for the MOE overload :)

  6. what id the name for this and where did u find it?

  7. What episode/chapter which has a page 19?

    Oh,And I thought you can find Hatsune Mix Manga on XXXXXXXXX.No Offense

  8. Haha, it may just be kind of random and stuff, I’m really enjoying this manga so far…. I’ve read upto the 9th chapter on XXXXXXXXXX and it’s really good. I’ve always wanted to see Vocaloids in a manga, and your blog helped me discover this! Thanks!

  9. This is cute^^ do you know where I can purchase the manga?

  10. I’m not sure but you could check her office here. (Knowledge of Japanese strongly suggested)

  11. Whaaaaaaaaa!!
    i need the manga!!
    please!! TwT

    rin&ren kagamine rlz!!!

  12. I WANNNT IT !!! Where can i find???

  13. cool

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