Happy World

Ku ku ku… “A Happy World” indeed…

Brief Summary

The story is centered around Oomura Takeshi, a boy who’s been cursed with the worst of luck.

After a particularly bad day tripping into dog poop, chased by a dog to school, and having a transformer from a power pole fall onto his head, an angel came from the heavens to save him… if only three days late.

At first, he didn’t want the bad luck and opted to bestow his “inheritance” onto a random stranger. When the next heir turned out to be a small girl, Takeshi decided to take it back since he couldn’t live with a guilty conscience. The human and angel had a (literally) touching moment… right in front of the girl no less!

Of course, what’s a comedy without a dysfunctional family? There’s the crazy sister Motoko.

She had been “enlightened” at an early age… and tried spreading her “wisdom” around.

Tsk tsk… being perverted at such an early age. I wonder what her mother… oh wait…

Takeshi’s adoptive mother is Sanae… and she has amazing skills with the needle, seriously. However, like most young-looking moms in the otaku culture, Sanae likes to stay young… demanding no age-relating honorifics.

With such a weird family, there are bound to be many awkward moments…

x x x

Anyways, it’s a comedy/romance with fanservice on the side. As with most angel-girl romance themed series, there’s the growing relationship between her and the human… but soon enough, her status as a guardian angel will come to blows against her developing affections.


Granted, I’m not a fan of ecchi series since the perverse scenes would draw attention away from the plot. However, this one is innocent enough to be okay. There’s always a check before things go out of hand… usually with Sanae stepping in or Takeshi learning to respect Elle (or females in general).

Light-hearted, funny, and interesting. The artwork is to my liking, characters kept nice and simple. Overall, well-rounded and worth a look.

BONUS! Pencil twirling has… evolved…

x x x

x x x



3 Responses

  1. haha That was awesome!

  2. This manga is funny… especially the pencil twirling one… that’s EPIC!! but more than two years ago the scanlation from WHM (We Hate Manga) stopped… and the scanlation has just resumed again by the other scanlator, to the last chapter… haven’t read the rest

  3. It’s out but as you already know, done by a different scanlator. I found the ending a bit… hmmm… weird but happy overall. It seems as though the author was trying to tie EVERYTHING up into a fairy tale ending. Maybe it’s just me…

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