Kimi No Iru Machi – Chapter 3

I already hate her…

Brief Summary

The chapter starts out with Yuzuki waiting for Haruto so that she can ride with him to school. Since Haruto doesn’t want anyone to mistake their relationship (particularly Nanami), he devises a plan where the two will meet up at the convenience store, instead of leaving together from class.

x x x

There’s also a new character who’s introduced. Meet Kaga Akari, another childhood friend of Haruto. She’s also there since Takeshi asked her for help to hook him and Yuzuki up.

x x x

Since it was the first day of school, there would be no club activities. Hence, Haruto has a chance to be with Nanami, walking with her home from school. However, he already made a promise to meet up with Yuzuki at the convenience store. He’s torn between the two choices… until Takeshi arrives.

x x x

With Takeshi off to pick up Yuzuki, he’s all clear to walk with Yuzuki. But things start out a bit rough…

x x x

A long awkward silence lingered between the two. Not knowing what to say, Haruto bumbles the conversation.

Nanami sets things back in order by confessing that she thought that he hated her. Then she continued with a line that just made Haruto’s day (possibly the week).

x x x

Parting ways, Haruto was in the best of spirits… until Takeshi called him. Apparently, his friend can’t find Yuzuki and thinks that he didn’t have the intention to help him get together with her.

x x x

Arriving at the convenience store, Yuzuki wasn’t in sight. But before Haruto left, she stepped from the bushes, surprising him.

x x x

With such flimsy reasons for her actions, Haruto couldn’t help but call her stupid, suggesting that he’ll treat her to something for her efforts.


Typical development between the boy and girl, playing on the “I thought you hated me” principle. It’s probably going to have Nanami turning around, saying that she likes him a little bit. But that’s going to be after Yuzuki sinks her claws into Haruto, beyond the point of no return. So far, it’s developing more like To Love-Ru than the author’s previous work, Suzuka.

Even though it’s being predictable right now, I still have hope for the series. The Haruto-Nanami relationship is developing, which is nice. However, Yuzuki is still there. She’s weedling her way into his heart, forcing him to spend more time with her even though he (initially) desired otherwise. Takeshi feels like the Sunohara from Clannad. As for Akari, I think she likes Takeshi… not Haruto. Though, with my luck lately for pairings, my prediction may turn sour…


One Response

  1. I actually liked Eba’s “like a ninja” moment, even though I’m not that fond of the character.
    Eba annoys me because of the way that, even though she couldn’t help it, her clumsiness and air-headedness meant that Haruto had to help her out in ways that he knew would undermine his attempts to romance the girl that he was after.

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