Code Breaker – Chapter 4

After the previous night’s confrontation, Sakura adjusts to the increasing attention that Oogami is giving her now that she knows his secret as a “Code Breaker”.

Brief Summary

The next day, Oogami Rei was waiting for her at the station. Greeting her with a smile, there was no indication that he was concerned about her new found knowledge, confident that his demonstration last night was sufficient to quiet her. Even though he can’t burn her, Sakura does not know that.

Suspicious, she came to the conclusion that Oogami is now going to monitor her every moves so that his secret would not be leaked.

As if guessing her thoughts, he moved his hand to her face, as if he was going to burn her. However, right before she would fall onto the tracks, he stopped and remarked nonchalantly that her ribbon was loose.

Back in school, at the front lockers, Oogami was attacked from behind by a classmate jealous of his closeness to the school idol. But before the shinai could land, Sakura moved in the way, fearful of what might happen if he was angered. However, the move was misinterpreted for something else…

x x x

x x x

When the situation passed, Oogami opened his locker to find a basket with a note attached to it. The note was phone number. The girls who saw this jested that it could be a secret admirer so he should contact her. Smiling, he agreed and made his way to the rooftop to make the call.

Of course, he was not alone during the conversation with his employer. Hiding behind the door, Sakura strained to hear every word.

Caught, she immediately questioned him for the identity of the person on other end as well as the contents of the basket. It turned out to be a puppy. In fact, it was the child of the dog that was killed several nights ago.

With the sudden recollection, she began to cry and apologize for not being strong enough to protect its parent. Understanding her, the puppy forgave her.

After that heartfelt moment, Sakura decided to name it “Puppy”, following which was a funny scene when it hid behind Oogami just like “Dog” did.

Oogami chose the moment to leave, after saying that the puppy was hers to keep and raise. Not forgetting about his brutal job, Sakura followed him (while carrying Puppy).

Of course, the destination was his next job, a den full of the worst of society.

While Sakura remained at the door, shocked by what’s before her, Oogami quickly moved in.

It was time to do his job… as a Code Breaker.


A nice way to ease back from the more serious tone of the previous chapter. Sakura and Oogami are getting closer now and not just as a detective-criminal sort of relationship. The arrival of Puppy already took some of the hatred she had away. And of course, the ending just sets Oogami up for more action while Sakura, once again, would sit in the sidelines. Really, I wonder when her martial arts will show up again.

With four chapters out, the series is looking better and better. Still, I should be cautious to brand a new release as “amazing” before it actually gets to the meat of the plot. One more note…

Chibi Sakura <3


3 Responses

  1. I finally found time to read it and chapter 4 was great! It’s rather touchy with “puppy” coming into the scene after “dog” has left. OOgami is getting scarier by the chapters; he kills dogs, burn others, tries to kill Sakura, but he later give her the “puppy” to comfort her. What exactly is his intention? He later sends her into the midst of some mafia meeting with “puppy”. What a harsh way to treat Sakura. >.<

  2. =Moral=
    Don’t get close to murderers…

  3. vous pouvez lire ce manga en français sur le seul team fr qui le traduit

    mangakun scantrad

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