Clannad (manga) – Chapter 6


Reading this just rekindled my love for the series…

Brief Summary

I’ll be skipping most of the chapter straight to the end. If you’re truly curious, it’s about Nagisa confronting the choir club to have Koumura-sensei be their club advisor. It’s kept pretty close to how the anime went so if you watched that, you wouldn’t be missing out on much… except for the end of the chapter, which is what I’m blogging on.

Starting right after Nagisa decides to give up, Tomoya comforts Nagisa with a hug from behind.


x x x


Ok, maybe it’s not different from the anime… but wait…


x x x


By now, my inner self is squealing in delight. And of course, happy ending?


But that’s not all! The manga has nice short omakes that you can’t find in the anime!


Fuko and spacing out


Ms. Thigh-High Kyou


Poor Sunohara… pwned by bread


The confession here is much better than that of the anime. I found it more emotional and uplifting. Then again, this might be where the Nagisa arc really begins with the game but since I didn’t play it, I can’t say for sure. Either way, I loved how it turned out (even if I’m a Tomoyo fanboy). The shorts at the end are also epic wins.

My mental reaction after finishing the chapter…

Hauuu Omochikaeri~~~


3 Responses

  1. hahaha That clip is great! I recall you showed me that lol

  2. *Mental flashback to SEEN6424*

    BWAAAAAAA T_T *Feels all warm and fuzzy*

    Man, look at what you’ve done. You’ve made me feel like playing CLANNAD all over again.

    BTW, the Sunohara and Fuko omakes really happened in the game.

  3. Haven’t played the game so I wouldn’t know. But indeed, this makes me wanna experience the magic of Clannad all over again.

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