Double Arts – Chapter 15

Even in manga… you can’t hide from the pedo-bear.

Brief Summary

The chapter starts out with Kiri having breakfast with Elle. Showing off his 1-handed skills, he proves to be a good cook. Elle praises him… and admits that she lacks his culinary talents.

Farren’s weakness is also revealed…

Carrots bested a man who defeated 500 bandits

Last chapter, Kiri showed his bread balancing skills. Though I didn’t think of it as important (hence not in my screenshots), he shows off another skill in this chapter… one that made me laugh… if only a little bit.

<3 Elle

Of course, that’s just the minor stuff. While making their way to call in, they bump into another Sister, one who’s been admiring them for a while.

x x x

White Fairy… with a bear patch… lulz

Kiri and Heine start talking, surprisingly finding out that the two were both artists. Making a remark about how different she is from Elle, the story turned into a dark tale… about Heine’s past.

Heine goes into detail about how she became a sister… and how she was grateful for being one, even if she wasn’t at first.

x x x

x x x

Heine goes on to say that she’s glad to help so many people, even if it meant putting an end to her dream as a painter. However, Elle spoke up.

Learning from Kiri, the “White Fairy” tells the other sister not to give up hope, never do so since people should never be forced to give up dreams. Heine, taken back by such optimistic words, chose the moment to leave after thanking the two for their time and inspiration.

Of course, there has to be a twist… and there is…


Ok, it’s back to showing how tragic the life of a Sister is. Somehow, I believe Kiri and Elle to be cruel since both are immune from Troy, though the latter needs constant contact. Elle tells Heine to keep her hopes up… even when all Sisters are bound to disappear since a cure will take precious time to develop. Naively harsh words to say… only when Elle just escaped her fate. However, I love Elle too much to hate her so she’s forgiven. I’ll just hate on Kiri for spreading such unrealistically optimistic thoughts around. Besides, what can he NOT do? He can fight, cook, paint, sculpt, bread balance, and now… rapid sewing… with one hand! Too super-human for my liking.

Just a thought, why don’t other Sisters maintain contact with the two so they get “cured”. If they touch Kiri, they would be saved just like Elle was. If they touch Elle, she would take away part of their illness into her… which would be rendered null since she’s touching Kiri. Either way, win-win.

Anyways, back to the chapter, I felt an overall “blah” from this, severely lacking in funny moments and the new development looks only to be something short-term, probably sacrificing Heine to spur Farren to join the group. I can only hope that the next chapter does not repeat this sequence of average material.


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