Claymore – Chapter 81

The truth is revealed! The tiny girl accompanying Raki and with the powers to identify Yoma is Priscilla… though loli-fied.

Moral of the Chapter:
Abstaining from human flesh = loli

Ok, I lied. I snuck in some time between family events to blog on this. Two more releases came out and I plan to blog on them after the holidays (Kimi no Iru Machi and Hoshi wa Utau).

Brief Summary

The arrival of another Claymore started a round of explanations to the questions left off from the previous chapter, mainly about the girl’s identity.

Renee arrives after detecting a spike in Yoki energy from far away. She’s the new “Eye” of the Organization, similar to Galatea with acute Yomi detection abilities.

Though not surprised that Raki killed the Yoma, Renee (still not clear how to translate but I’ll use this contrary to the translation teams) was more concerned about how he was able identify it from the crowd of humans. Her questioning got rough enough that the little girl thought the Claymore was bullying him.

Feeling her power, Renee jumped back and asked what has he done, probably knowing that the girl is on the level of the Abyssal Ones.

After lecturing him about the dangers of journeying with such a creature, namely about his guts being eaten, Renee parted ways. It wasn’t soon after that she detected someone following her. Dashing away, she thought her pursuer gave up until small girl approached her back and pinned her against the rocks. It was the reappearance… of another loli.


Ok… that was pretty surprising. I’m a tad disappointed that I was wrong… but the story moves on.

Now I wonder, what happened to Isley? Since Raki knows that Priscilla is a Yoma, then he should know about the Silver King’s true identity. Raki’s skills, though enough to kill regular Yoma, doesn’t seem to be on the level of fighting his mentor… unless Priscilla favored Raki and helped him beat Isley.

The reappearance of Riful has been long overdue. Now all that’s left is Rafaela (and Isley).


4 Responses

  1. We must not forget Dulph, where exactly is her man when she’s busy hunting claymores? Did someone eliminate him? Xd

  2. Dulph is the only one who can handle Riful’s love… or some quote of hers along those lines. With Riful being the epitome of an anime tentacle monster… she may have… overused… him… :p

  3. I believe Dulph was the one that made Rene run towards Riful, could be wrong tho.

  4. I don’t think Dulph is all that agile… though then again, his “spears” all carry Yomi energy in them… And Riful’s speed was already shown earlier in the manga when she disappeared from Galatea, Claire, and Jean’s view. It wouldn’t be hard to catch up to a running Claymore… assuming they don’t have any suppression pills.

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