Summer Trip – A Pause in Blogging

Very small chance that you’ll see any new posts until Monday.

Finally, it’s the holiday weekend that I’ve been dreading.

It’s time for my family’s annual get-together that involves forced engorgement of authentic Chinese cuisine, having no sleep at all due to the “vibrant nightlife” in cities, and of course, the most devastating to me, being cut off from anime and manga. Also, I’m bound to get plenty of lectures about my otaku habits since my family disapproves, their disdain founded upon a bitter family history that dates back to World War II.

Anyways, expect me to languish in agony until I get back on Sunday night… and be rejuvenated on Monday after marathoning what I missed out on.

On the bright site, I get to corrupt convert my cousins into full otaku-ism. I’ve slowly fed them pieces of Bleach and more recently, Fullmetal Panic – Fumoffu. Time to see the results! :)

Images from  AR ~ Forgotten Summer


2 Responses

  1. Well, have fun.

  2. Have fun! Turn your relatives into fans of anime and manga too, you’re on a mission!

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