Otokomae Beads Club

Need some romance assistance in your life? Having problems because you’re a very manly girl? Have no fear! This was made just for you.

Brief Summary

The story is based on the troubles of a young girl named Oikawa Ibuki. Though being a girl, she’s very proficient in martial arts, especially in grappling and other hand-to-hand combat.

Despite her concerns at first, she had no problems finding someone interested in her… the male protagonist, Urabe Takumi.

Running away, she winded up in class. During lunch, she gets a letter from the student council. Upon mentioning it, Ibuki becomes the center of attention. That’s because the student council is a very mysterious organization that no one knew the members of.

However, her classmates gave her some hope, letting her know of a rumor saying that the members are very manly.

Of course, the student council… isn’t how she thought it’ll be.

Those “manly members” turned out to be the misfit group of weirdos who also make up the Bead Club, hiding behind it as a cover. And the president of it? It’s the same guy who suddenly confessed to her earlier in the day.

All in all, Ibuki learns to deal with Takumi while adjusting to her new role as student council/bead club vice-president. Do they fall in love? Of course…

But with some difficulty…


Though it’s only 3 chapters in total (5 if you count the condensed version and side story), it’s worth a read. The author, Motomi Kyousuke, also did Beast Master so if you liked that one, Otokomae Beads Club is of the same standard (maybe better since it’s too short to get out of hand). Nice, short, simple and sweet… Nothing more, nothing less.

About the side-story, I actually liked that one moreso than the series itself. A romance formed from revenge. Bittersweet but still a romance nonetheless.


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  1. Looks cool, man.

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