Kara no Kyoukai 2: Disappointment?

Apparently, quite a number of people found this episode too plot-heavy.

I can’t disagree with that sentiment.


Yes, I’m too frustrated to put up a summary despite spending hours capturing screenshots and making numerous rough drafts. Added to that, I lost my drive to write about it since 1) the first episode pleased more of my fanboy senses and 2) I’m still confused by what happened.

Long story short, the animation quality was retained but the plot is geared more for true Type-Moon fans. They have the background information to go along with whereas casual fans would be lost (i.e. me) and probably put off.

Don’t get me wrong. I still love Kara no Kyoukai because Shiki is still interesting. It’s just the part of SHIKI (male persona) within her that is mindboggling, despite being an interesting concept at first.

The murders felt important… but they didn’t really stand out until the end, when Shiki went after Kokuto with her knife. Kokuto still trusts her, since he’s already crazy for her. Even when he walked upon her standing in front of a corpse, he didn’t tell the police.

The picture relates to Episode 3, not Episode 2

Overall, maybe this is one of those episodes that “test” the loyalty of fans, whether or not they’re willing to immerse into the Type-Moon world. Really, nothing is wrong. The music is good, animation was outstanding as usual, and the plot is rich. The problem is… the plot is too rich. My mind entertained the idea that Kara no Kyoukai was a “catch-and-release” kind of show. For example, episode 1 was excellent. Episode 2 was lackluster. Episode 3, with the “bending” girl and Shiki losing her arm, would be excellent. So on and so on. Will it be like that? I don’t know, being uninformed with the visual novels.

If you do plan to watch this, be prepared to be confused.


9 Responses

  1. Well, at least they have plenty of fruits :P

  2. All lined up!

  3. Heck, I consider myself a casual fan and yet I enjoyed watching this episode. I’m not familiar with the novels either, but I guess due to experience with Tsukihime, I’m able to relate to it better.

  4. Now I don’t feel like watching this either

  5. @Shin
    I watched Tsukihime and in fact, own the DVDs. Other than that, no Type-Moon knowledge. I relied quite a bit on Baka-Tsukai’s meager visual novel translations, more to spoil myself though.

    Shiki alone makes the series worth watching… but maybe it’s because knife-wielding tsunderes appeal to me.

  6. The pace is rather slow and I was bored for the first half. The sharp images kept me going as I’m more amazed with the graphics instead of what’s on-going. Hopefully the 3rd one would be paced faster with more actions.

  7. @Hyn: Yeah, it is, but that’s because this episode focuses on the past. Shiki here has not gotten her True Mystic Eyes of Death Perception yet. This episode builds up on the relationship between Shiki and Kokuto, as can be seen in the way he protected her, even after she tried to kill him.

    @ffviiknight: You really, really, really should play Tsukihime. The game. Not the anime. The anime itself can burn, and is so horrible compared to the game that once you have played through it, you would probably consider throwing out your copy of the Tsukihime anime. Not that it exists, anyway.

    Or you can read the manga. That one has way cooler than the anime too. Or you can try Fate/Stay Night.

    @all: If anyone wants to real the novels, the translated text can be found at mirrormoon. Or you can buy it – I believe some shop here in Singapore sells it, but I can’t remember where. And oh, you can get Fate/Zero too.

  8. @Hyn…Again. And ffviiknight too:

    Nearly forgot about this. Episode three is going to rock, if it lives up to expections. I loved Remaining Sense of Pain, and if the animation is as good as it has been so far, it could probably be the single best episode you can see this year.

  9. @Stifler
    For episode 3, I’m pretty confident that the content will be as good if not better than episode 1. I already have the ED for it and it’s great.

    I actually enjoyed Tsukihime, being the only Type-Moon product I’ve ever touched. As for Fate/Stay Night, several rabid fans persuaded me otherwise. It’s currently sitting in my ever-growing queue.

    As for the novels, I’ve been keeping up with Melty Blood… until I got back to this blog and time is now short. I can’t even join the usual chatroom anymore since I’m too busy thinking about new posts D:

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