Watashitachi no Tamura-kun

Ice Queen vs. Moon Bunny

This is like choosing between two (partial) Nagato Yuki clones. Either way, you can’t lose.

Brief Summary

Pretty straightforward with its setup, revealing it in the first couple pages. As implied, it’s about a love triangle that centers around Yukisada Tamura, the boy who is overshadowed by his two brothers.

The first girl is Komaki Matsuzawa, a mysterious girl who attended the same middle school as Yukisada. However, she had transferred away into a distant city before the last year of junior high, before he was able to confess.

Matsuzawa has always been a weird girl, distinguished by what she writes on her future planning surveys. Always, for the first wish, she puts down “Returning to her home planet/star”. Later on, it’s revealed to be the moon.

They also have a cute way of greeting each other. Manbo~

The other girl is Hiroka Soma, a girl who’s in the same class as Yukisada. She’s as cold as ice, despite her beautiful looks. They first met when she threw a box of chocolates at his face, knocking him out right before his high school entrance exam.

Of course, an incident like that does not leave the best first impression.

Truly, she is an “Ice Queen”.


First off, the author is Yuyuko Takemiya and she also did another series that I keep myself updated with, Tora Dora. If you like that series, you’ll enjoy this one just as much.

This is the perfect setup that appeals to school romance fans like me. Two choices so it’s easy to take sides (unlike Clannad where you have 5-6) and everything’s presented in a quick timely manner. Even though I’m not fully up-to-date (5/6 chapters read not including a side-story), I’m loving it. Though there’s no actual romance yet, it’s just the inevitable.

Tons of potential. Artwork is pretty good and the plot is interesting. Definitely keeping updated on it. I have to figure whether or not to blog chapter releases. So little time but so much to do :(

I’m rooting for Matsuzawa right now :)


3 Responses

  1. I see… Caramelldansen found a way to get into manga as well…

  2. Finally my queries are answered. Coincidentally, I saw this manga at my local bookstore yesterday and was wondering what it’s on. I’m gonna catch it since the art work is good and the plot seems interesting.

  3. I should do chapter updates on this… shouldn’t I? It’s pretty interesting and I hope that other people feel the same way… though it seems too short overall to animate.

    However, the pictures come from 5 chapters… and I only have 6. Maybe I’ll start from the 2nd volume (chapter 3+).

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