A shota in the police force? Not too unique but it’s bound to be interesting… right?

Brief Summary

The series is about Shibata Taketora, a young boyish-looking officer who simply wants to help youths. Since his appearances does not reflect his occupation, it often gets in the way of his work and even earned him a fanclub within the force.

Even though he can’t do much himself, there are others who help him achieve his dream, to be a detective in the Youth Department.

He’s the typical sacrificial character who fights with his idealistic morals to win people over. That’s basically the gist of the plot… for now.


Typical drab plot that doesn’t hold much potential… unless you’re a shotacon. I suppose I read it for its simplicity and straight-forward plot. The problem with such series is that they’re too episodic and eventually, they’ll run out of unique ideas and recycle them. In the rarest of cases, there would be a deeper story but… it would just be a longer episode with no lingering hooks to the next one. Anyways, that’s unlikely to happen here so don’t expect much.

The only outstanding bonus? The Mizuki and Shibata interaction… Her teasing is an epic win.


3 Responses

  1. Where do you find these kinds of crazy manga? :P

  2. In the gloomy inescapable depths of the Internets.

  3. Oh, that sounds so scary! I am not going there :P

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