Saishu Shiken Kujira ONA – OVA

Childhood romance… or childhood tragedy?

NOTE #1:
Though the series itself is based on 5-10 minute shorts, this OVA is a full episode (30 minutes) in length.

NOTE #2:
There will be no summary for this. Instead, let me summarize this as Today in Class 5-2 meeting Ef ~A Tale of Memories~.



His full name is Kuonji Mutsumi and he’s the main character. The narration is also done in his perspective but guessing from the tone, it’s an older Muc-chan who’s lamenting about the past. In the story, he meets Sac-chan on the hilltop overlooking the town. Even though the two children had dates together, their future together is doomed from the start since he has to move into the city soon.


Her full name is Nagumo Sae but is referred to as Sac-chan for the most part. Even though she’s in the hospital, she makes daily trips to the top of the hill in hopes of meeting Muc-chan. Making things worse, her memory resets everytime she wakes up from sleep. Therefore, she keeps a notebook filled with the day’s events to memorize them… even if it’s only on paper. However, even though she was reunited with him, their fairy tale will never come true as she bids Muc-chan a final farewell.


At first, I was getting vibes of Ef when the two got together for the second time. Then my thoughts were confirmed later when Sac-chan confessed of her disorder.

I can’t help but think that in every way… this is Ef ~A Tale of Memories~ and the Renji x Chihiro story playing over again (minus the novel writing bit). Maybe a more light-hearted but less symbolic version but the same plot nonetheless. However, this did not have a happy ending. Imagine if Ef just cut off at episode 11 with Chihiro forcing their breakup. That’s how Saishu Shiken Kujira ONA – OVA is.

Overall, I enjoyed it. Sac-chan’s voice is a bit grating on the ears but I guess it suits their childhood state. Muc-chan is as shy as ever, falling victim to that indirect kiss when had ice cream for their date. The ending is awkward but I guess I’ve grown immune since I was expecting an ending similar to Ef’s. Sae disappears and Mutsumi is left searching in the snow for her. Yes, the snow… even though it’s summer.

Is it a rip-off? Not exactly… but there’s way too many similarities to pull them apart, especially if you’ve already seen Ef.


3 Responses

  1. I skimmed the series because you posted about it and I really liked the quote, but have not seen OVA yet. Panda spawn was epic lol

  2. I haven’t seen Ef, but this show looks “sweet”

  3. @Kitsune – never touched the ONA series but I should

    @blissmo – the show would probably be better if you haven’t seen Ef so go watch it… even if it’ll become one of those rare pure-romance series you touch

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