Shin Angyo Onshi – Chapter 74

Dealing with Sando… and the ever-looming presence of Aji Tae.

Brief Summary

With Sando’s sudden reversal of character that cost him an arm, Munsu is reminded of Won Sul’s words.

The former general was ready to accept defeat… when another unexpected turn of events happened. Sando stopped the attack with her own hands, begging for Munsu to save her.

With the slightest bit of hope left, Mito’s parting questions lingered in his mind as Sando became corrupted once more.

x x x

Trusting his former companion, he once again reached out to her, acting as though they never parted. This time… it worked.

Even Bang Ja recovered to see Sando return to normal… via a (hard) bop to the head.

Of course, a tearful reunion between the three…

Meanwhile, at the battle outside, Miss Hwang let the others know that the enemy general controlling the skeletons had been defeated, though at the costing both Eul Paso and Su’s lives. Adding to the bad news, her mahai medallion broke and Mito does not have the proper materials to fix them. Whining that her status as an Angyo Onshi ended so suddenly, she was remarked to be carefree… but that’s just how everyone is, overwhelmed by the emotions on the battlefield. The only good news, discounting their forces slowly winning against the undead, was that Pyeong Gang is in good health and needs only rest to recover.

Back to Munsu, he lets the others know that his end is drawing near and it’s not because of Sando. Not knowing if he’ll be able to lead them much longer, he gives a stirring speech about how they should be ready to face death and fight evil to the end.

Of course, Aji Tae knows of Sando’s recovery and Munsu’s approach.


Ok… so… Munsu’s first attempt didn’t work and then his second one… did? I don’t get it. Maybe I lack some  Korean folklore knowledge.

Either way, the chapter satisfied me and was epically GAR in every way. Munsu is definitely setting himself up for a huge showdown against Aji Tae. The said big bad boy is playing the typical “final RPG boss” role with the pose and “I’ve been waiting” line. Glad to see Sando back on their side… Miss Hwang also to have survived and getting her mind back in gear. Everything seems to be going well… maybe a bit too well but we’ll see in the final chapter.


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  1. It is all about the eyebrows :P

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