Shin Angyo Onshi – Chapter 75 (END)

The final confrontation… and inescapable death.

Brief Summary

Seeing Munsu’s condition, Aji Tae did the one thing any normal bad guy would do. Laugh.

Seeing Sando nearby, Aji Tae gave a scathing remark about loyal women are.

Just before Munsu could start his attack, the demon unleashed a devastating trump card.

x x x

x x x

Aji Tae summoned a giant explosion that engulfed the entire battlefield.

x x x

The sudden attack destroyed both sides. On the “good” side, Mujang (hapki master) and Miss Hwang were obliterated. Everything in the opposing force except Gallimard but including Mago (Aji Tae’s panther-woman bodyguard who was fighting Yeongsil) was killed in the blast.

Back to the main fight, even though the grim reaper lingers close by, Munsu continues to fight, refusing to back down.

x x x

They entered a long dialogue about Aji Tae’s true identity. Though he claims to be Hae Mo Su (the king who granted Munsu the title of Angyo Onshi), the warrior just told him to “shut up”. He was there too and knew that Aji Tae is Aji Tae, not the evil form of his friend.

Charging recklessly forward, Munsu’s desperate attack just earned him more injuries.

x x x

Yeongsil tried to jump in with a kick aimed at the head but Aji Tae saw him at the last moment. Using his powers, the martial arts expert/blacksmith was dispersed into a cloud of his own blood.

The triumphant grin on his face was stolen away when he turned back to see Munsu… smiling at him.

While moving forward, Munsu taunted Aji Tae, ordering him to crush his heart if he was really omnipotent.

With his powers failing again like last time, Aji Tae was reduced to a whimpering coward, a complete reversal to his initial attitude.

However, Munsu’s wounds took their toll and he became a comatose figure. Aji Tae’s fear turned into elation once he figured out that his nemesis is dead.

With her partner dead, Sando went berserk and dashed forward to attack.

Aji Tae thought he could kill her like how he did with Yeongsil. However, even in death, Munsu disrupts his plans.

Aji Tae looked down for a brief second… and that’s all the time needed for Sando’s attack to connect. With a cry of frustration, pain, and anger, she slices through him, ending his existence.

x x x

Gallimard, seeing his master killed, dove in to exact revenge… but he didn’t watch his back. Marlene von Lucid makes a return in the form of her rapier piercing the former holy man’s insides.

However, despite winning the battle, a saddening sight greeted the Western woman. As the sunlight streamed through the clouds, a sign of victory, a lone man remains standing even in death, as if in defiance of his own fate.

x x x


Bang Ja writes a letter to Munsu, months after the battle. Not much has changed, he said.

Pyeong Gang and “The Young Lord” were married with Mito being the minister. Marlene von Lucid and her father stayed a while to help rebuild the country. Tae Yu went back to the Hwalbindang to fight for the powerless and deprived.

Folding his letter into a paper plane, Bang Ja threw it into the winds. In the world that Munsu transpired to, he receives it and smiles. Hearing Kye Wol Hyang’s call, the hero of Jushin walks away to join his other comrades, all reunited in death.

x x x

As for Sando, they recently separated, biding each other a final farewell filled with memories of their time together.

However, history repeats itself as events in the future eerily resemble those from the past.

x x x

x x x

The End… or is it?


Oh my… What an ending… Epic, emotional… yet oddly simple.

Aji Tae’s downfall… by Munsu stepping on his cape seems pretty disappointing in afterthought but when I was reading it, that event went with the flow. Although there wasn’t any special eye-candy attack or strategizing used (not to mention no summoning), I was very happy with Shin Angyo Onshi’s conclusion.

Was it rushed? A bit… especially with Gallimard’s demise. However, it focused mostly on Munsu vs. Aji Tae (the main topic of the series). There was some confusion with the explanation of the origins of Aji Tae but (I think) I grasped the minimum amount of understanding to get through the story.

Munsu’s death was not a surprise as the previous chapters were all pointing toward it. In fact, I would be disappointed if he somehow survived with some “deus ex machina” plot device. Granted, I feel bad for Sando now since she lost two loved ones… However, I get the feeling that the author wanted her to be a tragic figure, much like Munsu but to a lesser degree. As I said before, as a whole, I really enjoyed the series and hold this as the paragon for shounen manga (well, mangwha to be 100% correct).

Overall Rating: 9.5/10 – The beginning was episodic.


10 Responses

  1. This manga has interesting hair design :)

  2. hmmm, finally. but where you download this manga?? could you please tell me the URL. thanks

  3. No, I will not supply URLs or any other links to such sites. They’re obviously illegal and I don’t feel like spreading the plight of freeloading on the anime/manga industry.

    If you are determined to read this, the Internet has developed something over the years… called a search engine. Learn to use it if you so desire.


    Really, this is the best manga/manwha ever.

  5. Indeed it really is. I have to hunt down some the movie version of it sometime… when I’m less busy.

    Comment on old post, but just finished marathoning. PURE AWESOME.

  7. My eyes still get wet when I listen to the “song with no name” track from the OST of the movie. Oh god. SAO is truly the best manga/manwha ever.

    The movie is so so, it just follows the island arc, but has the song with no name track playing in the middle of the movie, and just by having that track, the movie becomes epic. I’m just hoping for a series now.

    • Hey illusion, I noticed that you mentioned you were listening to the OST for Shin Angyo Onshi, do you have it? I’ve been trying to find it everywhere. Let me know where you got the Koh Otani Masterpiece?


  8. Who is the Angyo Onshi at the very end with the broken Mahai? Is he just some random dude or someone from the past in the manga that I did not notice?

  9. I like these two korean authors. always great!!

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