Yume de Aetara

The series turned from a manga with low potential to a top favorite on my list.

Brief Summary

Meet Fuguno Masuo, a normal salaryman who has the worst of luck with women. He never had girlfriend in all 24 years of his life and to make things worse, a fortune teller envisioned his future to be a lonely one.

x x x

Then there’s Shozoka Nagisa, a woman who’s uncomfortable with men even though she’s popular with them.

And there’s the other characters, some pursuing Nagisa (muscle man and midget) and the others pursuing Masuo (Hamoka Miha).

Although he never had a girlfriend, Masuo is very kind and caring to the people around him. Of course, this earned him the affection of a coworker, put him in very awkward and easily misunderstood situations, and sometimes worked against him since he would give up in his attempts to woo Nagisa.

x x x


At first, it started out as a typical romance with those “accidents”. Some ill-fated event would make the woman mad and the guy would profusely apologize to try and explain the situation properly. Then it progressed past that stage and got quite emotional. A true rollercoaster of ups and downs.

If you’re a fan of romances that focus on one pairing and how they slowly orbit each other while getting closer and closer (Suzuka), this is the one for you. It’s not exactly a harem even though multiple women do fall in love with Masuo… or desire to be with him. Masuo keeps his feelings true only for Nagisa. Understandably, the artwork takes on a simpler and older style so if you favor the “bishounen” or detailed modern way, you might be put off for a bit. It’s necessary though since the character’s emotions are exaggerated (usually to be made fun of).

Progression-wise? It has 89 chapters out right now and just finished with another arc. However, this time, Nagisa knows her true feelings and goes after Masuo… instead of the other way around. It’s nearing its end but I wouldn’t be surprised if it goes past 100 chapters.


One Response

  1. Interesting art :)

    The plot reminded me somewhat of Tokyo Marble Chocolate :)

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