Penguin Girl ONA – Episode 11

Sumo wrestling… And you thought it was just for big men…

Brief Summary

Finally facing Mary of the Whitebear family, the two rivals decide to throw everything on a sumo match. Penguin was thought to have an advantage due to her chest.

Despite earning an early victory, Mary gave her a crushing bear hug that crippled the Penguin girl.

All seemed lost… until Nene gave a tempting offer.


Even her sister Kaede came to help!

How does she help? By ordering their butler Sebastian to shoot at Penguin.

BOOM! Headshot!

The mysterious device turned out to be a “Love Drive”. Mary also receives one from Kaede (delivered by hand) so that the fight would be fair.

Penguin grows to be a giant from the love she receives. As for Whitebear? This was her love.

As a result, she becomes a perfectly-sized MOE figurine for the otaku girl to cuddle over.

Hauuu Omochokaeri!!!

Mary escapes her capture and laments about their difference in power. She said that she didn’t need friends to be strong. Then, her servants speak up about how they truly love her. Receiving such words, the match is evened out.

Long battle short, they exchanged punches and kicks, devastating their surroundings. Once the Love Drive powered down, the two rivals becomes friends…

Amidst ground zero…


Nothing spectacular… except for the introduction of the Love Drive being shot at Penguin’s head. Pretty funny how Kaede continues to mistreat her older sister. Next episode should be pretty boring, a summer special where the Penguin and Bear families will probably have another friendly rival showdown.

Too bad we won’t see Kujira cosplayed as Takenoko-chan :(


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