Double Arts – Chapter 14

Cute… yet scary.

Poor Sui… :(

Brief Summary

The translation team picked Farren instead of Fallen. Since there’s no distinguishing trait in the Japanese language that sets apart these two English letters, it’s up to you to decide. I’m going with Fallen.

The first topic on the phone was the issue of Fallen Denzel and whether or not he will help them as a bodyguard. Cutting the young Sister off, Martha starts speaking ill of him even though he was standing right behind Elle.

To Sister Martha’s surprise, Fallen spoke up. Thinking that he accepted the offer to protect the two children, the woman spoke quickly and continuously, leaving no room for him to say otherwise.

After Fallen informed Martha of his true intentions, they talked about what to do next. With the Gazelle knowing that they’re in town, Kiri suggested moving to another place. However, the Sister advised otherwise since that would make them more susceptible to ambushes. Then Fallen said that if they were to stay in the city until the Falzen (warrior Sisters) arrive, he could “accompany” them for the next four days.

With that issue settled, there remained only one problem left… Sui.

Being a hero who defeated 500 bandits on his own, Fallen easily beat Sui.

Surprised by how quick she was done in, Sui demanded a rematch. Fallen declined, saying that the results will be the same. He leaves with the typical message saying if she gets stronger, she can challenge him again… though that’s more to get her off his back.

Sui now has to deal with her first loss… Awww…

A little while later, while Kiri and Elle are shopping, they talk about the potential for future fights and how they’re lucky with Fallen. Kiri reiterates, saying that even if they meet someone stronger than their new bodyguard, he would protect her.

Tisera, fortune teller/prophecy woman, was watching over them from her room. Awed by how cute the couple were, she tried sharing her enthusiasm with Fallen… who didn’t care. The chapter ends with her saying that things are “going to get a lot more fun”.


I didn’t expect much for the post-battle chapter. I predicted Sui to challenge Fallen and be beaten easily, as was verified. Her reaction to her first loss is cute… yet scary as Elle also pointed out. That’s probably the best part in this release.

Overall, the humor is kept at reasonable levels. As hinted at the end, another Sister (not the Falzen) will make her appearance, probably forcing Fallen to permanently join their group. I’m a bit curious how the Sister would persuade Fallen to join… if that was the case. Possibly a person from his past since besides his fighting prowness, not much is known about that man.


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