Kimi no Iru Machi

Also known alternatively as A Town Where You Live

Brief Summary

Kirishima Haruto lives in a countryside town. His normal life is disturbed by the arrival of a young girl who plans to stay at his house. Despite his protests, Haruto’s mom pretty much forced him to deal with the situation.

The girl, Eba Yuzuki, is not a complete stranger to the Kirishima family. Their fathers knew each other in the past but Yuzuki never met any of them in person.

To show her the area, the two went on a bike ride. At first, Haruto wanted to leave Yuzuki to her own devices, letting her borrow his bike. Unfortunately, there’s a tiny problem…

Making things worse for Haruto, he rode past several people in the community. With a girl sharing the bike with him, they all assumed that he was on a date. Then, the worst happened.

Kanzaki Nanami is another girl who will go to the same school as Haruto and Yuzuki.

The problem is… Haruto likes her. Despite Yuzuki and Nanami getting off to a good start, things quickly got out of hand.

So, the plot is ready. Typical love triangle is set up but of course, we forgot Haruto’s friend who falls in love with Yuzuki (love at first sight?).

Takeshi also understands the concept of MOE, which is the main reason for his sudden affection.


At first, the series didn’t stick out to me. Typical setup with nothing special… until Nanami came into the picture. Do you recognize her? Maybe she looks familiar… in another series that also has a love triangle. Track and field should be a huge hint. If you guessed Suzuka, you’re right. This is Seo Kouji’s new title.

Knowing that, I’m sure to keep updated with this series, especially with it turns out the same emotional roller coaster that his previous work was. Being a big fan of both the Suzuka anime and manga (was a bit rushed at the end), I have high expectations of this.

Personally though, Yuzuki annoys me being the ditzy type of girl. I’m already rooting for Kanzaki though most romances have the “first girl introduced being the final girl to be with” trend. We’ll see how this goes… and whether or not my predictions are correct.


5 Responses

  1. I just found this from mangashare … im so gonna read it :D

  2. Same author as Suzuka = Me getting snagged :)

  3. haha, i just finished the first chapter, and it’s pretty good!

  4. Haha…. somehow i got a totally different impression… you can tell that the yuzuki is actually quite friendly even if she is quite flirty

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