Code Breaker

A relatively new release… but shows some promise.

Brief Summary

Sakurakouji Sakura is one of those girls that look beautiful, modest, and graceful (ojou-sama type). However, very few know about her skills as a top martial artist.

Oogami Rei is a mysterious transfer student. He was first introduced when Sakura caught a glimpse of him burning people with a blue flame.

Of course, he acts completely normal while at school, with the one exception of his hand being gloved. Sakura’s investigative efforts generated a huge misunderstanding, spreading rumors throughout the school that she liked him.

Rei kills puppies. Yes, you read that right. He killed a dog.

He also kills people but it’s his job to get rid of society’s “pests”.

And being the proper gentleman, he treats ladies with respect… after trying to burn them.


While reading those Deathnote/Code Geass ripoffs (Akumetsu, Lost+Brain), I stumbled across this little work. While it has the feel of basic shounen, there’s a sinister twist with the one character using flames to irradicate people, even witnesses or people who get too curious about him (Sakura). A truely chaotic person who fights for good… even if it means killing innocents who get involved.

The term, “code breaker”, is used to describe people like Rei. They can’t be touched by laws or codes of society. It was explained briefly to Sakura before he tried to burn her… and failed.

Overall, it’s still too early to tell with only 3 chapters… but it does have the potential to build up.


7 Responses

  1. Thanks for the recommendation, I’m catching this. Love the way you portray Rei; “he kills puppies” part. XD

  2. “…While reading those Deathnote/Code Geass ripoffs (Akumetsu, Lost+Brain), I stumbled across this little work…”

    Funny thing about that… Akumetsu was made in 2002 but Death Note was made in 2003.

    If your claim is right, Death Note ripped off Akumetsu.

  3. I suppose the more appropriate term would be “copies” though I personally encountered those series in that order.

  4. Akumetsu ain’t a ripoff… it was even released first than Death Note. And regarding to Code Breaker, I am also currently reading it…real cool manga with a lot of twists in the story.

  5. i was going to say the same thing as Jason, Akumetsu was made first. I like both Death Note and Akumetsu, but they each have a different style of telling the story, even if it is a similar story.
    But I do agree that Lost+Brain is a ripoff! :)
    i tried reading this….i’ve stopped but will pick it up again. i enjoy the evilness!

  6. Ughh… IM ManGA.Anime.Net The NExt chapters weren’t released yet!!! I hope they do it soon cuz im losing my faith! and i love it!

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