Eureka Seven (Manga)

I can imagine the fangirls squealing…

Unlike the majority of stuff out there, the series is based on the anime, not the manga. So… why am I backtracking? Because it got weird and different.

What’s Different?

There was no Renton x Eureka moment when they fly off into the moon in the pimped Nirvash for their pseudo-honeymoon. Instead, Eureka ends up like Nia from Gurren Lagann… disappearing in his arms.

However, unlike the Spiral girl, the Coralian left behind something for her lover to cherish, a toy duck.

What about Dominic and Anemone? Dominic got speared by Coralians when he tried to help Renton save Eureka. Hence, he’s dead. No happy ending there.

Holland lived of course. However, unlike the anime where Dewey had a Compact Drive stuck to his chest, the brothers faced off with guns and a sword, no supernatural stuff put in play. Holland lost his right arm while his brother got filled with lead. There was also a flashback back into their youths but it wasn’t remotely interesting.


Overall, the manga was a bit more mature but I found it lacking compared to the anime. Not because it had non-fairy tale endings but rather, the story wasn’t explained fully. The bit about Coralians ending the world was choppy and confusing. Having a sludge monster attack Renton and Eureka was ill-suited, considering that it was in the form of something akin from a Parasyte monster. On the bright side, there was the same uplifting final end where people had either moved on or are waiting for someone to return. I’m glad they kept that part consistent.

For an anime that I thoroughly enjoyed and gave high marks for, the manga is a huge disappointment. However, the following made me go “lulz”.

“High-maintenance”? Heh…


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