Candy Boy ONA – Episode 2

‘Nuff said?

Super Brief Summary

Don’t worry. There are no traps in this post.

If you were curious about what Yukino was asking, too bad. There wasn’t enough time for her to finish the question.

Did that answer suffice?

If not, here’s an unique way to use a blow dryer… a tool for interrogation.

Anyways, the entire episode is about the Sakurai twins and the Christmas holiday. The two have some difficulties picking out presents for each other, partially because Yukino wants Kanade.

Ok… maybe just her boobies and feet…

Alright-y. Yukino’s Christmas wish is pretty obvious.

Anyways, they got serious with their shopping, perusing shops together holding arms. They wind up at a jewelry store where Kanade, unlike herself, splurged their travel money on a pair of earrings made of their birthstones (pearl and alexandrite).

Despite that touching moment, there’s one problem. They have no money to get back home. Just when they’re about to ask their father for more money, someone comes to their rescue!

Who else than Kanade’s stalker?!

Problem solved… or one problem solved but another arises…


It’s short, simple, and cute. We even get to see Yukino’s serious side when they exchange earrings. However, as usual, its humor is the winning point. Kanade’s more responsible character clashing with Yukino’s basic if irrational wants… Epic combination.

If I were to say anymore, the focus would shift from this episode to other more controversial topics (yuri/incest) and I don’t want flame wars to ignite.


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  1. HAHAHA! I gotta watch this anime! XD

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