A stroll in the neighborhood…

I forgot it was the season until I got surrounded by them during an evening run. Shame I don’t have any quality cameras to capture the moment. Figured I should share the news just in case any otaku reader was cut off from the outside world, living behind closed doors with only games and instant ramen to keep him/her company.

Kick back! Enjoy the season of hot, humid, mucky weather! Brave the scorching heat and leave the comforts of your air conditioned abode. Who knows? Maybe you’ll get a nice romantic encounter like that from Suzuka.


2 Responses

  1. WHAT!

    I took your advice and walked around my neighborhood and I almost melted in the Sun!!! I’m kidding XD Just happened to be reading this post after my afternoon stroll.

  2. You should do it at night… though where I’m located, you’ll either be eaten alive by bugs or sweltering due to the high humidity X_x

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