Usagi Drop

I’ve mentioned this series before… Now it’s time to introduce it.

Super Brief Summary

The story centers around two characters, Daikichi and Rin, and how they become family.

Rin (Top), Daikichi (Bottom)

The two meet for the first time when Daikichi went to his grandfather’s funeral. Outside the house, he meets a girl he never saw before. Before he could ask for her name, she ran away.

Once inside, he asked if the girl was someone’s new child. His mother said no, explaining that she was his grandfather’s illegitimate daughter. What made things worse was that they don’t know who the girl’s mother is.

I would react the same way…

Of course, Daikichi couldn’t believe it at first. That is… until the funeral. Rin (the girl) walked out barefoot to pick some bell flowers, grandfather’s favorite flower. Just because of that, it was clear who her real father was.

However, after the ceremony, there was a discussion about Rin’s future. Her mere existence was an embarrassment to the family. Hence, nobody wants to adopt her. The relatives tried to single out someone to take responsibility but in the end, nothing was done. Everybody tried passing her to someone else instead of thinking for the girl’s well-being.

Fed up by such a selfish family, Daikichi reacted impulsively. He went outside and asked Rin if she would want to live with him.

Her answer?


I think I already explained why I enjoy reading the “single father” stories. It’s just touching and cute seeing the two adapt to the new changes. For example, in one of the later chapters, Daikichi deals with bed-wetting.

x x x

What makes this more emotional than My Girl is Rin being isolated at first. Even Daikichi, though adopting her, realized that his action was more of impluse than reason. As another example, whenever a relative would call out of concern, they would always ask if he was alright while asking nothing about the girl’s condition.

However, by bringing her in and proving to others that he’s adament with his decision, the family slowly warms up to Rin. Overall, a touching story that appeals to our maternal side (yes, even for males).


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  1. this is one of my favorite Manga’s and the anime is very cute as well :D

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