The World That Only God Knows – Chapter 9

The future of travel…

Brief Summary

Some of the translations are not 100% correct.

With Kanon’s disappearance last chapter, it’s revealed that the idol just became invisible, just like in the past when classmates and teachers forgot about her. Nothing seemed to have changed.

Sensing an opportunity, Keima seized the moment, lying about how he listened to her songs. To his dismay (and almost costing his life), she knew he didn’t.


Too bad it missed and hit the tree instead… We could imagine what would happen if the attack actually landed.

Continuing on, Keima did the smart thing when confronted by an attention-seeking psycho with stun guns set on maximum power…. He continued to lie.

Fortunately, it worked. Kanon walked off in a daze, even dropping her electrifying tool of destruction. Knowing that the girl won’t be easy to win over, Keima decides to follow through until the end. Posing a problem, Elsie pointed out that it might not be so easy to meet with Kanon… but just then, an e-mail arrives on Keima’s device.

Kanon asked him to meet with her at the recording studio. Still depressed from the previous day, the girl is still mostly transparent. Questioning him once again, she asked if her songs reached him. His answer… though forced… was enough to revive her.

Smiling at him, Kanon asked if they could exchange contact information. He would be her first since she doesn’t have any friends in school to do it with. Despite his otaku senses tingling, he agreed.

He had no idea what he was in for…

x x x

After that… not-so-wise, should-have-gone-by-instinct move, Kiema hears from Kanon about her live performance where more than 10,000 people are expected to come.

Reiterating that she changed herself, Kanon sought for his attention. Thinking he was playing his game as usual, she got mad until she saw what he was actually doing, listening to her songs.

Now feeling even more confident, she asked for praise… which he gave in the form of head pats.


Of course, Keima realized that something was missing because things were progressing a bit too smoothly. Right then, Kanon disappears from her concert and the stagehands go out looking for her.

Despite the new turn of events, “God” doesn’t look the least bit worried… but rather determined to end it.


Unlike the previous chapters, there wasn’t any outstanding advice or overly cute moments. The email incident did get a chuckle from me so I suppose this release was a little funny. No epic stun gun action either :(

Overall, it focused a lot on the Kanon character and how she literally feels transparent when ignored. This made chances at humor few and far in between. Regrettable but I guess this is how it’ll be if the series focuses more on plot than spewing jokes. To be honest, there’s not too much appeal to see the end of this story as another girl would just appear and take Kanon’s place.

I’m still waiting for a plot twist forcing the series to be less episodic. Either that or Keima fighting off all the girls he charmed…


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