Library Wars – Episode 11

Amidst war, romance blooms?


Continuing from the last episode, the Kantou Task Force makes preparations for the Media Enhancement Committee’s inevitable “inspection”. During one of the briefings, Tezuka’s brother called.

Satoshi told Tezuka that there would only be one battle to fight. In addition. he should be careful since the Media Enhancement Committee will be fighting for their honor after continuous failures from previous engagements. Satoshi also asked if he was seemed “mean”, then saying an answer wasn’t necessary before hanging up.

Meanwhile, Kasahara invited Doujou to meet with her at night. The two ended up at a greenhouse where the chamomile (symbol of the Library Defense Force) were growing.

It was a nice romantic moment, a simple date before war breaks out.

And of course, the obligatory “stay alive” speech for couples before battle.

These two were not the only ones to have a nightly encounter. Komaki was going to a local convenience store when he bumped into the M.E.C. squad leader that attacked him (Episode 6). The two talked for a bit but the former bad guy… didn’t seem so bad. He even went so far to criticize his employer.

The M.E.C. soldier parted ways, saying that his side had already gone crazy over this battle. Tomorrow’s fight would make other battles look insignificant.

The next day, the attack came as expected.

One of their snipers takes a hit from gunmen hiding in the trees.

While the injured Shindou acted as bait, Tezuka finished off the snipers (BL moment?).

As the gunfight goes on, resources were thinned… forcing even the Ibaraki girls showed up.

Everything was going relatively well… until the M.E.C. decides to go for one final suicidal attack. Every combatant charged the barricades, some of them going hand-to-hand against the Task Force. The surge was barely checked by the riot shields the Library Force had prepared.

Kasahara, shocked by the irrational ways of the M.E.C., was forced to fire (and kill?) several of the enemy. Doujou was there to calm her down from the shock. Soon afterwards, the battle ended.

Ambulances flooded the scene, taking away the wounded… M.E.C. and Library forces alike. Doujou was sitting with Kasahara when he spotted the Ibaraki Head Librarian carrying gasoline. He told his subordinate to stay while he chased after the old lady.

At the exhibition site, their victory was short-lived when one of the M.E.C. troops resisted medical treatment and pointed his gun at Freedom. Commander Genda stood in the way, daring the soldier to shoot.

His efforts were in vain since the man was as irrational as his organization, driven insane by desperation.

Back to Doujou, he found the librarian soaking documents with gasoline, an obvious attempt to cover up a wrongdoing she committed. Making the situation worse, she drew a lighter and pointed a handgun at the lieutenant.

With smoke billowing from the building, Kasahara arrives just when a gunshot went off. Seeing Doujou wounded, she was about to help him when he ordered her off, telling her to subdue the escaping librarian instead. Not too difficult of a task, she turns back only to see Doujou surrounded by flames and boxes of paper falling around him.

Everything happened before her eyes… as he disappeared from view, buried beneath the flames.

His fate… remains unknown.


First off, the fight scenes improved quite a bit. It was more realistic than the museum battle. The Ibaraki girls had barely any screen time as to be expected. The romantic moments between Doujou and Kasahara were also there. However, the part when the Media Enhancement Committee went insane was a bit off. They looked like the ghouls from a Hellsing ripoff.

Now to the emotional parts. Genda’s death seemed staged. He could have lived… if he were to step aside or let the other members overpower the deranged soldier. What made it worse was the drawing style used in his final moments, right before he collapsed. He had the strong outline around his figure, more often used for comedic moments. It really clashed with the atmosphere.

As for Doujou, I did not expect that to happen. Instead, I predicted a more docile episode 12 to finish the series, probably just a confession from our short lieutenant finalizing the romance. However, the series diverged from my hypothesis and now, an emotional finale is set up. Would Kasahara be reunited with her “prince” or will he be torn away, killed in the line of duty?

I have a feeling that it’ll go for the worse, judging by how the OP is presented. If not death, Doujou would be severely injured and unfit for service. I don’t expect Kasahara to quit the force, regardless of the outcome. She might continue her service in his memory, just like Inamine did with the Nightmare at Hino incident.

Is it just me or did this seem somewhat familiar to the Chiko ~Heiress of the Phantom Thief~ episode when almost everyone dies?


2 Responses

  1. This episode annoyed me to such an extent. Good and bad, emotional and just plain stupid. Bah… next episode must be better!

  2. Next episode would be the last one :)

    It was quite predictable for the most part… but I suppose it’s set up for a more dramatic ending.

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