Kurohime – Chapter 18

Goodbye Zero :(

Your blind devotion to your beloved Kurohime will be remembered for eternity.

Super DUPER Brief Summary

Kurohime was still fighting Lord Shinigami when the god took Zero’s soul hostage. Dodging the raining bone spears, she started a new attack that focused on confusion.

Such a tactic failed to work…

The death god just attacked everyone with lances shooting from the ground, hitting his Angels who chose to stay still out of loyalty. When asked why he did such a thing, Lord Shinigami revealed that he could care less for any non-god being.

As for the dying Angels, they realized that this was their duty, to give up their lives for their god. However, they didn’t want everyone to die, for the Shinigami Angel Army to end this day. So they decided to transfer all their remaining life force to Soodo.

The first thing Soodo did was strike at her leader, slicing off one of his bone blades in her surprise attack. Though she understood that her life as a servant could be taken away at any time, Soodo was unsure why Lord Shinigami would view them like “ants” when they were so loyal. The diety retorted by saying that her unclear feelings (attacking him even though she admired him) was filthy, driving the shinigami angel more confused.

Then, a rapid succession of bullets strike at the god.

Zero took the opportunity to have his soul return into his body. Working together with Kurohime, they launch a synchronnized attack.

Lord Shinigami, one of the most powerful gods, was defeated.

Kurohime collapses due to her injuries. There was a nice romantic moment when Zero cradled her in his arms… but their victory would be short-lived as the River Styx continued to rise.

The boatman from before returns. However, he poses a problem for Zero since, even though he was willing to give up his spot, the boat could seat only one. Any more weight and it might capsize. Seeing that only one of them will live, Zero decides to embark on a selfless task, to push the boat while the river eats away at his body.

Love will be the driving force that would save Kurohime.

His actions touched the heart of the boatman, who felt obligated to give his name even though Zero was doomed from the start.

Once on the other side, Zero’s body finally ran out. Asura just happened to arrive as well as Onimaru (his transformed body is immune to the River Styx). The former gunslinger turned lizard woke Kurohime up just to witness Zero’s last moments.



What follows are Zero’s last thoughts before his existance was corroded away into the afterlife.


It was a given that Lord Shinigami was going to die, typical of any action series. Even his betrayal of his own angels was predictable since the series protrayed the gods as evil or at the very least, ignorant of suffering. I’m pretty sure Soodo is still alive since she’s immune to the River Styx and could fly away. I’m not sure about her allegiance though, whether she’ll go after Kurohime for revenge or work with her to bring down the gods.

As for Zero, I expected a fairy-tale ending with the two escaping safely. Sadly, I was proven wrong and it proved quite a shocker since… Zero was the main character at the start. I suppose that means the story will take on a road of vengeance, ironic since Himeko (her cursed form) was the embodiement of such. Even after reuniting with the other half, her fate is still the same. Onimaru and Asura will probably join her in Kurohime’s crusade (Onimaru being the comedic mascot of course).

So ends… the first arc.


5 Responses

  1. they should go on a resurection (spelt wrong) journey to bring him back since we no she can revive the dead with the resurection bullet and since the shinigami angel army is no more there will no one to remove the newly aquired life from zero, plus i think i read this somewerenext book or chapter is out in japan i just cant read it being american. yes my spelling does suc

  2. Yes, your spelling sucks. Try to do something about it.

    The Fukatsu Magic Rishinshe Sakondan (Reviving Technique Spirit Return Bullet) used in Chapter 11 with the undead spirits worked because… there was something to hit (the spirits). Zero body had dissolved into the River Styx. He’s in the land of the dead now so it’s impossible to revive him with known techniques since he’s not a ghost. He’s just… gone.

    Soodo, from the Shinigami Angel Army, is still alive. There are other gods that will no doubt reinforce their rules.

    I’m Japanese-illiterate too… Also American (U.S.)… Please prove to the rest of the world that you have the some skill in language by making your stuff… read-able…

  3. man, i knew zero would put his life on the line for hime, but i didn’t think he would go that far. zero really is a hero of justice. what’s wierd is this, in the sixth book, hime is a teenager instead of a child. how does that happen?

  4. that totally sucked. i know that they were playing the river off as the river styx and if they knew anything they would know that if a mortal went in and had a reason to come out they would come out invinsible (ex. Achilles) duh!

  5. not bad.. but i’m not so clear what’s going on… good enough to use the river of styx. impressive story

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