Double Arts – Chapter 13

As night settles, Kiri and Elraine try to escape from more assassins.

Brief Summary

The last chapter left off with Sui informing the others that they were followed. An attack might come at any moment now that it’s dark. Of course, while Kiri and Elraine were panicking, Sui reacted in a slightly different manner.

Sui is cute in her own psycho way

Of course, their hastened escape did not go unnoticed. Watching their prey escape in a nearby alley, the three assassins talked amongst themselves whether or not to attack ahead of schedule.

Ugly Mask guy, Greed from Fullmetal Alchemist, and Mr Shadows…

While the two low ranking minions squabbled over who to kill, their leader chooses not to participate since none of the them interested him.

Typical BIG Bad Guy Response

At that moment, Fallen Dezell makes his appearance, meeting them as advised by the drunk fortune teller. After introducing him to Sui, the crazed warrior girl made a simple deduction; Bodyguard -> Strong. Giving in to her desires, she greets Fallen in her own special way.

Psycho Sui strikes again!

Kiri tries to enlist his services again but was turned down. Furthermore, Fallen points out that even if Kiri wants to minimize other people getting involved, asking for help from others works against that. Before they could chat longer, the Gazelle struck.

The attack comes in the form of a chain-axe. Surprised, Kiri pushed Elraine behind him even though he was panicking…

That is, until they saw Sui.

Elraine raised her concerns since the hoop weapon wasn’t with them but…

It was folded up on Sui’s back. Surprising even the enemy, the device quickly snapped to its original shape and the two combatants moved elsewhere to fight. Back to the others, they were attacked again, this time with a spear wielded by the other minion. In response, Kiri made the tactical move of running.

Before the masked Gazelle left, he asked Fallen if he would intervene. Saying that he has no connections to them, Fallen reasoned that he has no reason to help Kiri and Elraine. The assassin left after reminding him that things could get dangerous.

Kiri and Elraine ducked into one of the alleyways to hide. Kiri let out his frustration and self-hatred for not being able to fight back, dragging other people into the situation for their sake. Before they could change things, their sweet moment was rudely interrupted…

Kiri’s battle plan was to use the confined spaces of the alley and fight back, using Elraine as the springboard to his kick. Dodging the spear thrust with the speed boost from his Flare ability, Kiri drove his foot onto the assassin’s mask.

The battle was not over yet… until Sui dumps the body of her opponent on top of theirs. Surprised that the other two was victorious, Sui threw a small temper tantrum about how their opponents were too weak.

The masked guy was still conscious, though obviously out of the fight. Letting them know that there’s one more individual with them and he’s much stronger, it only made Sui happier. Off she goes in search of a fight.

Meanwhile, back at the start, Abro introduces himself to Fallen. He also reveals his love for poison and how he enjoys watching people suffer as they die.

Kiri tries attacking but he was instantly kicked away. Fallen asked why they returned even when Abro was obviously stronger than them. Kiri responded by saying that they couldn’t abandon him since they were the ones to get him involved. Changing his mind, Fallen asked Abro if it was him that the assassin was after. Hearing so, he gets in a fighting pose.

Fist vs Poisonous knife! An exciting fight to come…

Or not… 1hko! Even Sui was impressed (I think)!


I’m getting tired of the typical “hero” moment when Kiri gets all sacrificial. It gets annoying to see the same reasoning (“not getting any more people involved”) played out over and over again. As for the Fallen vs. Abro fight, I was expecting a lot more. It was pretty anticlimatic when a single punch ended it all. Granted, it was a strong punch that left a crater on the ground… the hype for Abro’s poison built too much up to just let it end like that. However, most of such disappointment was made up by Sui and her typical crazy self. I adore her personality :)

Fallen’s pretty much with their party now. I guess we can see more of his overpowered “fist of doom” in the future.


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