Your Preference in English?

Sort of continuing from a previous post, I thought for a bit and figured to ask for your opinions about another set of anime OP/ED. This time, they’re both in English.

Black Lagoon’s OP

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni’s ED

Personal Thoughts

For Black Lagoon, I was initially a fan of it. It has a pumping, action-packed feel to it, apt for a series about modern day pirates. However, that enthusiasm soon died down since the song, after inserted into my playlist, had no similar music to go along with it. Furthermore, all hopes died when I decided to look up the lyrics… and found out that they didn’t match so well. I do have to reiterate; Red Fraction has a very impressive “first glance” to it and would do well for people who could care less for lyrics. However, picky listeners like me may edge away.

Higurashi’s Why or Why Not also provides that appropriate atmosphere, as if someone was longing for happiness while suffering at a sad lonesome place. However, the clashing of languages is more apparent here, which is why I would judge this ED poorly. Even though I recognize the natural differences between English and Japanese, it’s not excusable in professional work.


5 Responses

  1. I don’t like them both >.<

  2. I second Kistune, both sounds nice.

    It’s hard to compare and choose from both since the tempo and melody are different. I chose to not check the lyrics for Red Fraction so as not to disappoint myself, heard that it has crappy lyrics. >.<

  3. hola
    quiero decir es el mejor anime que he visto me encanta mucho lo conoci por medio de una gran amiga y me gusto mucho sin duda es un buen anime uno de los mejores es grandioso esta chidasa sus pick bueno bye

  4. hola

    es el mejor anime higurashi no naku koro ni kai
    es lo mejor de lo mejor en los


    es una anime

    rena es sangrienta y genial como mata me gusta como mata y tambien con sus amigos que matan de diferebtes maneras es genial

  5. The focus of this post is not on the “best anime” (as far as I can translate- my Spanish is a bit rusty). It’s on the use of English (or Engrish) in the OP/ED sequences. Higurashi’s ED worked because it fits the atmosphere that the series gave.

    Besides, besides the shock factor in Higurashi, there’s not too much about the series.

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