Tona-Gura! – Chapter 23

Those two are close friends. Really! They are…

Brief Summary

When Nina came to visit, the Kagura family + 1 decided to move next-door to Kazuki’s house. However, things got a bit messy, especially when the girls thought to warn her of Yuuji’s perverted ways.

Since Nina doesn’t know, Chihaya gave a live demonstration of his… errr… typical response.

Fwip! Anyways, Nina must be shocked right? After all, someone she had such high standards for…

Oh no! Not only did she accept his ways but things are heading for the worse! Pedophilia?! Lolicon complex?!

Good for Yuuji! Resisting the temptation even if he attacked another female…

I spoke too soon =_=

Does Nina not know about incest and how society view such acts? Poor Maria becoming a victim… I bet she’s going to cry…

Or… draw a gun from her teddy bear and point it at Nina. It’s lucky that Yuuji reacted so fast…

A noble sacrifice. Men around the world would cringe from that image.

Back to the story, Maria hides in her room and Kazuki decides to comfort her. The others remain below to punish Yuuji for being a bad brother.

After talking for a bit, Kazuki realizes what Maria’s problem was.

The little girl with the teddy bear gun just wants her brother to pay more attention to her. With Nina entering the picture, Maria’s afraid that Yuuji would drift further and further away.

An enormous shark? I’ll also like to hear that tale. Anyways, Kazuki gives her final piece of advice before leaving. She bumped into Yuuji outside and gave him a short lecture

Poor Kazuki, having to deal with a guy like him… But he misses a rare moment!


This chapter was a nice change of pace. Even though there was the typical fanservice and awkward Nina moment, it showed Maria’s cute side, portraying her sisterly emotions and not just the gun-toting enforcer she usually is. There was also more development for Kazuki who still likes Yuuji but is too shy and disgusted with his perverted ways to advance their relationship. Maria gave her blessings so all that’s left is for Kazuki to make her move.

I watched the anime but I don’t remember seeing this scene.


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