Library Wars – Episode 10


Super Brief Summary

The Kantou Library Task Force was sent to provide defensive support at an exhibition in Ibaraki. In specific, they were trying to protect a sculpture named “Freedom”.

Wait, doesn’t Ibaraki sound familiar? Well, it’s very close to Kasahara’s home.

Big problem when she didn’t tell her parents about her job yet (even though the dad already knows)… She seems to be taking the mission well… right?

Moving along, when they arrive, the Task Force were surprised that there weren’t any guards or armed personnel protecting the library. The commander got angry and confronted the head librarian who was supporting a non-violent, dialogue-engaging approach.

Kasahara, being the only female, went to the female dorms alone but was told by Doujou to “read the atmosphere and avoid causing any problems”. It didn’t go so well since the Ibaraki library views their Defense Force members as the lowest of them all, treating them unfairly and bullying often.

She tried helping them but was held back by her colleagues who were already used to such treatment. Frustrated, she smashed her fist into the wall, putting a decent-sized dent it it as well as injuring her knuckles.

Being depressed now, who was to save her? Her Prince of course! Doujou x Kasahara moment!

Things made a turn for the  worse. The bullies decide to target Kasahara by calling her mother and informing her that she worked for the Library Task Force. This caused a confrontation with her mother in public, where they exchanged slaps and harsh words were said before Doujou arrives.

Her parents eventually gave their approval, after her father arrived and said that he knew about it all along. Her mom was still worried since Kasahara had a near death experience when she was small, falling off a rock and hitting her head. She went on and on about her bald spot, shaved for the three stitches put in place.

Kasahara, with nothing to fear now, makes an epic GAR speech during mealtime. Basically, she said that it’s gone to far to involve her parents and if there were any more trouble, she would report it directly to headquarters.

That inspired the some of the Ibaraki Defense Force members to take matters into their own hands. They even stopped Kasahara’s rage while fixing everything.

Everything gets back to “normal” and all is well. It was shown later that the library’s non-violence policy will soon change due to something the Kantou commander found out. So, happy ending?

Dun dun dunnnn!!!

What’s on the menu for the next episode? More cheesy fighting? I hope not though they seemed to have upgraded guns (shown at the training scenes).

My prediction would be… Kasahara somehow protecting the Ibaraki library members, including the ones that bullied her. That has to happen… and Doujou to save her of course.

I have a bad feeling about Tezuka though, reinforced by opening scene with Shibasaki. I figure another brother confrontation but this time, with a (bad) ending.


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