The World That Only God Knows – Chapter 8

Tip #1

Beware of traps… in the form of pop stars.

Brief Summary

Remember those other series where the girl would sneak the love note into her crush’s desk? Well, it’s kinda the same here… except with a CD of the said TV star… and a death “nice” note demanding requesting his presence afterschool.

So, what did our psycho dual-wielding stun gun girl have for God? A personal concert!

Surely a cute popular girl singing just for him would warm Keima’s heart… right? Wait, this is the God of dating sims we’re talking about. He doesn’t care for real girls.

How does she react? A typical reaction… whipping out her stun guns and… stops.

Realizing her failure, she invites him to come again tomorrow, same time, same place. Keima initially refused but seeing Kanon depressed on TV, he changed his mind.

Time for Take 2!

How was it? His game was put away! His attention should be focused all upon her! Nothing could go wrong! He should be her fan now… only if… he wasn’t asleep.

Getting more depressed, Kanon did the one thing that “emo”s around the world wish they could do…

Spontaneously disappear.

And so ends the 8th chapter.


I didn’t have this section for the last chapter since it was more of an introduction to the Kanon character. I was a tiny bit disappointed this time since there wasn’t so much stun gun action. Seeing Keima zapped is always funny… especially when he loses all of his game data. “Why all the troublesome girls?”

The ending was a bit unexpected but I think it’s a stage act done by Kanon to get his attention. Either that or a new character introduced to be the main antagonist. There has to be one since the series would get boring really quick if it was all girls getting woo-ed and then cleansed.

However, all the disappointment was made up by cute Elle moments and a visual dating tip. I should have a running counter for how many times Elle made my eyes turn into hearts (Rena moment).

Love is dangerous!


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  1. hahaha That first image of the post is so cute an funny :D

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