The World That Only God Knows – Chapter 7

Elle/Elsie-chan is cute too!

Next target/victim/romance contingency: TV Idol?

Super Brief Summary

Elle/Elsie is a big fan of Kanon Nishihara, a girl who’s in the same class but absent due to her idol duties. The cleaner from Hell even imitated the hair ribbon, wanting to “feel like an idol”.

Of course, Keima’s not interested in real life girls. Games are the only path for him. He defends his preference by reminding Elle (I’ll refer to her as this unless otherwise corrected) that people will age and lose their appeal, unlike the 2D ones that will stay eternally youthful.

And our idol? She’s cute, cheerful… everything a typical schoolgirl TV star is. Kanon returns just to finish her studies, probably to finish the rest of her high school days in peace. Except, there’s just one tiny minor problem.

She’s a psycho who seems to have a hard time dealing with people who ignore her, like a certain guy that ignores real life girls. What happened to our poor “God”?

Just kidding. We’ll find out next episode. Here’s the real ending for the chapter.


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