English or Japanese? Your Preference?

These two shows are unlike the majority of anime, having both English and Japanese versions for the opening credits.

So, which do you prefer?

Ef ~A Tale of Memories~

English Version

Japanese Version

Rental Magica

English Version

Japanese Version

My Opinion

I liked the English versions more than the Japanese ones for both anime. Rental Magica was a close call though. I often switch sides on that one. As for Ef, I suppose it’s because the English version was played out more often, being in all but the last episode. I might have grown too familiar with it.

How about you?


2 Responses

  1. I’ve seen many movies in many different languages, and find that in most cases original is better. Cowboy Bebop and Tenchi Muyo are two exceptions that I can recall.

    I like Japanese versions of both songs more because I prefer Japanese sound to English in general, and the words flow more naturally in the Japanese version.

  2. For me, the words felt natural regardless of language, a testament to how hard the artist worked on her music (maybe not as much for Rental Magica).

    Something I forgot to mention… For Ef, I took into account the English background in both versions. English words meshed better with English lyrics.

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