Animation: 1/60 . ∞

I was browsing the trailers for upcoming summer shows when I came across this work. It’s not out yet… but the videos look promising. Researching on it, I couldn’t find too much information (due to my language handicap) but there’s a rumored release date around November of this year. If you happen to find the official day within her official blog, please forward it to me.

Brief Summary:

1/60 . ∞ is an original work done by a Taiwanese by the name of VOFan. The music is composed by DOCO.

If you wish to be picky, don’t consider it “anime” but “animation”. However, I will refer to it as “anime” from here on forward since it seems to be on the same level as Japanese works.

Trailer 1 – 2006

Trailer 2 – 2008

From the videos, it seems to be a love story and told from the boy’s point of view. However, the unique part would be the medium of the storytelling, his camera and the images captured by the lenses.


When I first saw this, two words came to mind: “Makoto Shinkai”. However, despite how reminiscent it was of Shinkai’s early works (She and her Cat, Voices of a Distant Star), the stark contrast between the characters design set them apart… not that it’s a bad thing.

The characters, unlike the background, look and feel 2D. Also, there appears to be some problems with character movement, most evident with the library scene in Trailer 1. Fortunately, Trailer 2 showed vast improvements in both sections, especially in the latter half when the camera tried to focus on the girl. Either way, very good work. Any minor faults would be forgiven because it is a non-professional amateur (maybe solo?) work.

Like the trailers of Voices of a Distant Star, 1/60 . ∞ tugged on my heartstrings. It has the potential to be powerfully emotional and moving. The animation is of decent quality and the music is well composed. I look forward to watching this whenever it does come out.

Now only one question remains… Will this become the next Shinkai-Tenmon pair to enter the anime industry?


5 Responses

  1. Cool, i like it !

  2. Oh, that is a nice find :D VOFAN is a Taiwanese artist. Some art for that animation can be found here:

  3. Looks good, non Japanese animation sure has come a long way. Would love to see a feature length version of this one day.

  4. Does anybody know where I could watch this film?
    Hm… I’m guessing it isn’t finished yet, though…

  5. when is it going to come out ? I couldn’t find any downloadable link…

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