Double Arts

One of the many series I’m trying to keep up with… Nice and funny. An unique twist to a relatively basic plot…

Basic Summary:

The story focuses on the adventures of Elraine Figarette and Kiri Luchile as they try to get to the Main Cathedral, the Sisters’ headquarters. Of course, it’s not that simple since they have a special circumstance to overcome. Added onto that, the two peaked the interest of an assassin guild called the Gazelle and for some reason, their members are ordered to go after them.

Character Introductions

Elraine Figarette

She is a Sister who treats people infected with Troi/Troy. The disease, also known as the Vanishing Plague, is spread by direct contact with someone already infected and as its nickname suggests, the patient would disappear from the world in its final stages. There is no cure and the only thing a Sister could do is bear the burden of another. Simply put, the time lost for the patient is transferred to the Sister. Life is extended for the people treated while they die young However, those treated still have Troi/Troy so they’re living on borrowed time.

Compared to other Sisters, she has a stronger immunity and thus, could “cure” more people. However, that limit was reached when she was in Kiri’s hometown. Saved by him, she discovered his ability and contacted her superiors about it.

Kiri Luchile

He is the simple town boy who just happened to have immunity to Troi/Troy. Additionally, he seems to bestow that status to whomever he touches, evident when Elraine’s seizures stopped once he touched her hand. However, it lasts only when in contact so if their hands part, she goes back to her near-death state.

Personality-wise, he’s very kind and noble. He refuses to let people sacrifice themselves for his sake, even running back to a hopeless fight to try and save fellow Sisters. At the same time, he’s lacking in female knowledge which makes up for most of the humorous moments.


Kiri’s former girlfriend though she went out with him for less-than-romantic reasons. A very strong fighter who battles with something like a hula hoop. Since she enjoys fights, Sui decided to join the other two to face more challenging opponents. Besides that, very mischievous and always teasing Elraine… especially with her growing affection with Kiri. Also, Sui loves cherries… a lot.


There’s a drunk Fortune Teller woman who changes her name constantly. She shares some history with Kiri and foretold Elraine’s predicament. She also directed the two to see a mysterious man who might serve as their bodyguard. The said man is Fallan Denzell and has a very intimidating aura about him. The two don’t have significant roles… yet. However, it seems as though they, especially Fallan, will be drawn in very soon.


Ok, this is one of those titles that have mixed themes… and you really read or watch it for one of them. Reminds me of Library Wars where I don’t really watch it for the action (militarized libraries and people dying over books/magazines) but rather the cute moments between Doujou and Sasahara. Likewise, the action’s a bit cheesy but watching Elraine get embarrassed is well worth flipping through those pages.

My favorite characters? Well, there’s a lot… because they’re all so funny and interesting.

First off, Kiri’s parents… not that normal… physically.

Their reaction to Elraine’s arrival into their house…

They handled the Sister issue better than the Sister herself…

And my personal favorite… the tearful farewell they gave when Elraine and Kiri left town. Full-sized to honor the emotions :)

BWAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! I wish my parents were like that… maybe.

Oh, and Sui is the best. You would think that having another girl around would make things less awkward considering that you’re alone with a boy and you literally can’t let go of him… or would it?

Maybe not.

She understands the dangers of Troi/Troy very well…

And the cherries… Oh those luscious cherries…


If you want a nice light-hearted funny series to read, Double Arts will suit your needs. Humorous with some action thrown in there, it’s a nice mix and I find myself laughing in most of the chapters. Definitely worth your while to read and I’m definitely going to keep myself updated with this one. I don’t see it flopping anytime soon unless it focuses too much on the Gazelle organization.


3 Responses

  1. I was also following this series, until it abruptly ended at the 23rd chapter. I liked it a lot, but I don’t think it was that popular in Japan. The mangaka was probably forced to drop the project.

  2. By the way, I nopticed that your blog header (the picture at the very top) is from “5 cm per second”. I really loved that movie, it was really sad.

  3. @Fayari
    Yea, that’s the reason why Double Arts was discontinued. Not enough readership in Japan. Even though it has fans, not enough to convince the distributors.

    Yup. I’m a Makoto Shinkai fan :) I see 5 cm as bittersweet rather than sad… though I was reduced to tears in more than 1 scene.

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