Meebo Failing?

Yes, I’m talking about that little widget under the Site Navigation to the right… Wait, did you even see it there?

My typical blog ritual strictly adheres to the following steps:

1. Start Firefox

2. Load up multiple tabs consisting of the 10 or so blogs that I lurk in

3. Throw in a comment in interesting posts or out of courtesy to those that commented on mines

4. Sign into meebo

5. Join the usual Anime&Manga chatroom

6. Chat in there

7. Look for any people that happened to visit this site since they’re automatically logged in as a meebo guest

8. Ambush them with “Hi” or “Hellos”

9. Be ignored so I get sad

10. Cry in my virtual dark little corner with my e-ego deflated

Out of the months, possibly year (I’m always bad remembering dates), that this blog has been up, there has been only one person that utilized that meebo widget. I’m not sure if it’s because people don’t notice it or they ignore the hollowed ringing sounds of my attempts to converse with them. Not to mention, I suspect meebo of being flaky and bombing out on me at times, even when I trial-tested it myself.

So, here’s a reminder. Pay a bit more attention to the right sidebar. There’s a nice little indicator that shows if I’m online or not. Drop a message or two. I’m always looking for more feedback and comments.

If it really is a meebo problem, then let me know via comment here since I’ll have to remove that worthless widget.

As for the more anime/manga related news, I’m still trying to think of a topic to blog about. I might start discussing my reasons for watching anime or reading manga and blurb about that old bit of news regarding the female round robin (Was it even successful?). Either way, have to think about how to set things up and get started soon.

Happy (early) Father’s Day!


2 Responses

  1. “Be ignored so I get sad”


    I’ll try to chat with you next time :)

  2. I’m trying to check if the widget works in the first place. It worked of the time when I tested it against myself. It’s a tad disappointing when I try to talk to people when I see them logged in a guests. Maybe the otaku nation is a bit shy?

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