Spring 2008 Anime OP/ED Reviews – Part 11 (Final)

Presenting the last Kokuun’s Spring 2008 Anime OP/ED Review

It’s been a long project that’s taken 11 posts in total and about a week’s worth of work to do. Nonetheless, I’m still glad that I finished this and look forward to doing something else that is fun and entertaining. One more post with the final tally…

Kara no Kyoukai: Garden of Sinners (Chapter 1 – Fukan Fuukei)

Since this is a movie, there are different criteria that I used to judge them. Mainly, since the opening and closing have little to no animation, the focus is on the music and whether or not it fit.

This is the opening to the movie. I don’t think any artist made it and if there was, I presume the official OST release would reveal such information. If you do happen to know, please correct me.

The vocals paint a surreal atmosphere as if something supernatural yet sad was about to happen, fitting for such dark Type-Moon works. The images of a dragonfly and butterfly were presented in a filmstrip manner (like those of old black-and-white movies). The significance of such imagery isn’t explained until the very end of the show. Once learning it, the opening seemed very appropriate. Very nicely done.

Rating: 8/10


ED title: Oblivious
Artist: Kalafina

Sorry, I could not find a video that contained some of the scenes leading to this

Wow. Just wow. Very impressive with the music alone. However, it matches perfectly with atmosphere the movie left us with. It gives me the impression of someone struggling through life, confronting the past, present, and future. Shiki Ryogi was certainly going through all that, trying to solidify her identity (and possibly coming to terms with her feelings). Nicely done and the only 10/10 for this season.

Note: Lyrics can be found here.

Rating: 10/10


3 Responses

  1. I liked the ending song, but not the footage – I dislike extremely violent anime. Here is the ending in its entirety:

  2. I haven’t watched Garden of the SInners but one word, “wow”. I’m impressed with it’s OP; artistically portrayed and a great way to start things.

  3. So that is not the ending, but an AMV heh. I am sorry.

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