Spring 2008 Anime OP/ED Reviews – Part 10

Presenting… Kokuun’s one and only… Anime OP/ED Reviews

Again, nothing special today besides me picking up Shin Angyo Onshi reviewing again. I still haven’t caught up with Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures or Azamaru but soon… maybe another day or two. Getting bored of them though so I need more wholesome manga to read :\

Penguin Girl (ONA)

OP title: Renai Jiyuu Shoujo♀
Artist: PNGN 6: Azusa Katoka, Mariya Ise, Yoshino Nanjou, Sakura Nogawa, Mai Kadowaki, Rina Hidaka

Since there’s around 8 different OP versions, I’m going to narrow it down to just two (similar to what I did with Kyouran Kazoku Nikki).

OP #6


Like the other show (abbreviated to KKN from now on), it’s very enjoyable and fun. The show seems to be one of those typical schoolgirl animes (Lucky Star, Azumanga Diaoh, Pani Poni Dash! to name a few). We can clearly see that the focus is set on the “penguin girl” and her friends. Her rival, the “polar bear girl” also has her own group of lackeys friends. Overall, the animation is fun but not as fast-paced as KKN. There were a lot of cute moments such has sleeping on the penguin in OP#6 and the girl smacking the maid around in OP#8. Excellent work.

Rating: 9/10


ED title: Yurete Hajikete Afurechau☆Miwaku no Penguin Musume
Artist: PNGN 4: Azusa Katoka, Mariya Ise, Yoshino Nanjou, Rina Hidaka

There seems to be two versions of the ED (Mary’s -polar bear girl- is shown). There’s not too much of a difference except for the broom part that seemed to be ripped from one of those IOSYS videos. However, the part after that is really… addictive for some reason. I can’t explain it but the simple way they sway with their animal personas is quite pleasing. Maybe it’s like the Carameldansan fad that’s been going around. Either way, it snagged me. Blah + Yay = ?

Rating: 8/10


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