Shin Angyo Onshi – Chapter 73

Fateful Encounter…

or Fateful Reunion?


Munsu continues in his pursuit for Aji Tae, wanting to end the bloody battles as soon as possible. Former sorcerer Mito returned back to the main battle where allied forces were fighting the seemingly never-ending legions of undead warriors. Leaving the hapki expert Mujang to fight against the resurrected hero of Jushin Jung Son, Munsu and Bang Ja moved onwards, the two of them… alone.

They didn’t get very far when someone tracked them down. Its killing intent was so strong that it froze the two heroes in their tracks. Whatever it was, it didn’t seem human.

However, stepping out from the shadows was none other than… Sando.

When Munsu saw her for the first time since the Mandrake incident, he could only remember Mito’s words. After questioning his resolve should the Junshin general encounter Sando, Mito told him to look for her true feelings, not to be lured by what’s on the surface which would be corrupted by Aji Tae.

Taking the elder’s words to heart, he greeted her as if nothing had gone wrong, as if they were still friends and journeying together. However, it wasn’t so simple.

Ignoring Bang Ja’s warnings and narrowly dodging her attacks, Munsu kept trying to restore her memories. He reasoned that since Sando had saved them so many times, they should return the favor at least once.

It wasn’t until she knocked off his headband did she stop. Her memories came rushing back piece by piece. Then, at the very end…

Aji Tae somehow forced his way into her memories. Hostile again, she lashed out violently and slashed at the defenseless Munsu.

Her attack took off his left arm, from the elbow down. Sensing the event, Aji Tae smirked at short distance away, chuckling at something “interesting” with the Gallimard. As for the rest of the troops, Pyeong Gang was struck by an arrow and it is unknown whether or not she is still alive. Mito seemed to be struck by an attack from behind. Miss Hwang’s Sando keeps on fighting the relentless mobs while its master stands alone, gazing at the darkening skies… wondering if they ever stood a chance at winning.


This is why I love Shin Angyo Onshi, especially when the Aji Tae storyline really picked up. Epic battles, heart- wrenching moments, and plot twists that enrich the story… I really have to rate this very high up in my list of favorite action/adventure manga (possibly first).

The Sando encounter was inevitable and the previous chapters built up the atmosphere. However, I really did not expect Munsu to be injured like that in the end. Though anticipating Aji Tae’s influence, I expected their reunion to drag out for several more chapters and not something so drastic as losing an arm to happen. Bang Ja seems more manly now… throwing himself before Sando to be the one killed. Nice cliffhanger at the end with the feeling of despair (compared to the elation earlier when they took down the demon “mother” Que Ta Chun). Really can’t wait til the next chapter gets translated.

One more important bit that was left out from before. Marlene seems to jump back into the plot. She arrived at the scene of the battle and was undecided whether or not to join… until she saw her dad charge in with their Western army. That image sparked a memory involving Munsu, probably the start of her sword training. With someone equally or more powerful than Sando, it’ll be interesting to see her impact in the fight.

Miss Hwang’s Sando is still cute… but more bloody :)


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