Spring 2008 Anime OP/ED Reviews – Part 9

Presenting… Kokuun’s one and only… Anime OP/ED Reviews

Nothing major to note today. There were some more manga releases but none were outstandingly entertaining. Kusunoki Kei’s Girl Saurus DX got translated but I’m more interested in her more serious work, Bitter Virgin. Pastel finished with the Tetsu x Aoi pairing so it might be coming to an end soon.


OP title: Love Jump
Artist: Minami Kuribayashi

This one is uncertain since the animation isn’t something I’m used to. It looks like low-budget flash but there seems to be a method to its madness. I suppose its abstraction could be interpreted as the world seen through a child’s point of view. The song is uplifting and happy, suitable since the series is about a young (loli) girl who was liberated from her dysfunctional family and learning about “normal” society. Personally, I can’t get pass the animation so the ratings would be lower than if I just reviewed the song.

Rating: 7/10


ED title: Crossing Days
Artist: Ryoko Shintani

Just like the OP, it’s abstracted with segments showing parts of a certain character. For example, the beginning focused on Murasaki’s kimono while changing colors. The song generates a similar atmosphere, playful and worry-free. Overall, both the OP and ED reflects the show quite well for its laid-back and comedic moments. However, as the series pick up (episode 9 I believe) in action, it might not work so well. That’s just speculation.

Equally good song. Better animation. Great ED.

Rating: 7/10


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