Hayate no Gotoku – Chapter 82

[insert crazy Zero laugh here]

Ah yes, 10 minutes with Paint will mess any image up. My apologies for ruining the manga with my useless addition.

I was stumbling along the list of manga when I came across Hayate no Gotoku! again. Been a fan of it when the first manga chapter was translated but this release had thinking… cute but devious.


Hayate brings home a stray kitten since Hinagiku’s family is allergic to them. Nagi immediately accepts the new addition to the household… with a little encouragement. Tama, the white tiger who is Nagi’s first and only pet, got a bit jealous once he couldn’t spend any time with his precious ojou-sama.

Onions? WTH?!

Tama attempted to force Shiranui (the kitty) out of the house by framing it with a crime… but it backfired. The result? The pervy lazy tiger is now living in a cage… instead of spending nights with Nagi. Evil.

I really do think cats are evil…

I was going to put in some lame Deathnote reference since Light/Raito says that all the time. However, Code Geass’s Lelouch’s eye effect is much easier to do so I went with that.


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