Rant: Knowing when you suck and keeping it to yourself

Most people who watch anime and/or read manga are content being “normal” fans. They’re happy when new episodes come out or whenever the latest chapters get translated. However, there are others who wish to take their passion to another level. This ideology gave birth to many unique and entertaining works. To name a few, we have fan art, fan fictions, fan manga, fan dubs, and my personal favorite, AMVs (Anime Music Videos). Like any work, there are several good examples but far more disasters in the making. More to the point, some of those failures are so bad that I wonder what possessed the person to post it for public torture viewing.

This post is fatal to your intellectual capabilities.
Ingredients include: rabid fan-girl squealing, Engrish, and complete utter nonsense

Besides keeping up-to-date with the latest releases, I usually check into a chatroom hoping to talk with fellow fans. Though the room topic is anime and manga, it’s usually infested with role-players who possess little or no knowledge of the intended subject of discussion. However, yesterday afternoon proved to be interesting with someone posting a certain Youtube video and ranting about it. Curious, I followed the link and after watching it, my ears were in pain and my brain threatened to shut down from the sheer stupidity I was shown. Truly a terrifying experience… and one I feel obligated to share.

The video I watched was supposedly a “fan dub” but more like an attempt at the karaoke stand. After introducing themselves and their reasons for making the video, the two girls continued to sing their own version of Lucky Star’s opening, Motteke! Serafuku. For your convenience (and sanity), the original opening will be presented first and the fan work afterwards.

You WILL lose vital brain cells after watching the videos.

Original OP

Fan OP

Utter Disgust
My Impression

Their introduction was a bold red flag for what’s to come. Speaking in “Engrish” (English intertwined with the butchered words from another language), she emphasized their “expertise” of Japanese and provided unimportant (likely to be false) information about her physical characteristics. During the brief pause when their squeals died down, my thought process was already crippled, hardly functioning and begging to be put out of its misery. Prolonged exposure to rabid fan-girls is bad for the health but it only got worse. They started singing… or something remotely like it. It was atrocious and proved that they knew only five words of the Japanese language. Bumbling the song with no real vocal skills, those few minutes passed by excruciatingly slow. Saying this nicely, if they did have the honest intention of “spreading anime around the world”, I would strongly suggest another line of work for them.

In compensation for making you suffer through that horrid audio experience, here’s an example of a good fan video of similar content. The song, Nico Nico Douga, is a 10-minute long blend of anime/game music and voice synthesizers. Considering the material and duration, both are quite impressive.

The follow videos are lengthy. Be sure to have at least twenty minutes of free time to watch them without interruptions.

Original Work

Fan Work

Granted, there are many anime/manga fans worldwide and a significant number are motivated enough to make something good. However, even the best of intentions can be led astray. Now, I’m not saying that there should be a limit placed upon fans restricting what they can or cannot like, can or cannot do. I wish for such aspiring people to be more respectful to the media they’re working with and more importantly, listen to the fans.

Work isn’t expected to be perfect, especially if it’s the first attempt. That’s why most artists have reviewers who provide continuous support and suggestions until the product is finished. A good example of such is the Animepaper‘s wallpaper community.

However, if you look at the previous case, reason does not seem to work with them. To be specific, at the very beginning during the introductions, the two claimed to be superior since their half year of study of Japanese makes them experts of the language. A very unreasonable statement and all the “Engrish” floating around seemed to contradict their words. If anything, those incoherent squeals proved that they don’t have any respect for Japan. “Kawaii-est”? Seriously, WTF.

Besides being disrespectful to the language, they angered the viewers before the actual song plays. Not a good thing if the original purpose was to promote a cause, anime being more popular. At the same time, the two set themselves at a disadvantage, having to actually prove their claims or suffer. If not supported, as evidently seen and heard, it labeled them as liars and bigots.

Of course, all would be forgiven if they actually took the time and effort to improve themselves. In other words, they should have taken all the criticism to heart and modify their work. Instead, they lashed out.

Tsk Tsk…

There’s absolutely no hope for redemption now. Reasonable anime fans around the world would do the face-palm and shake their heads sadly. All the video had done was draw in negative attention. Unfortunately, any anime critic will now have more ammunition, and anime/manga fans will be stereotyped into the same demented group as those two naïve brats.

Furthermore, would any of us want someone like this to support us?

My answer: HELL NO!

A fan’s a fan. Sure, support is always welcome… but not when it worsens the situation.

My faith in humanity… shattered.

Nina approves!


One Response

  1. “Be sure to have at least twenty minutes of free time to watch them without interruptions.”


    I skimmed all these videos in a couple of minutes to get the gist of it and all I can say is… LOL

    “I wonder what possessed the person to post it for public torture viewing.”

    The answer is very easy – attention seeking ;)

    People will do many crazy things, but there is no reason to get upset, angry, annoyed, or spend you energy in any other way over it. Time better spent elsewhere.

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